Anti-cheating: hopefully a priority!


I’d like to express my concern to the devs that a anti-cheating system can decide whether a game is great or not.

I’ve had plenty of games where cheaters just ruin the fun for everyone and made me rage quit. I’d not like to see this happening again. Especially not with this one.

So please, invest in a decent system that bans cheaters straightaway before evolving into giant in-game trolls.

P.S. This is just my simple advice to make this game even better in benefit of everyone!



Yes, this need to be in this game.
But people that is trolling is just vote to kick them and i’m sure they will be kicked, so Trollers is not a problem to deal with.

Btw. i made a steam group there you can play with one of the members if you want to be sure to not find a game without trollers :wink:


Yes play with guys you trust :3 also a anticheat is a must have!


Bumping this thread.

Just curious what steps are you guys planning to help prevent cheating in Evolve? This is one thing that plague other FPS games. Will there be an option to report suspicious cheating?

@MacMan @SlabOMeat


I’m thinking pretty much everything will be server sided but idk.


If nothing else, you can certainly report stuff here.


Ok thanks @MacMan for the response!