I’m not familiar with the Cry Engine and if it has a lot of cheaters or not. Obviously this would be of some concern if someone got ahold of chameleon skins/wall hacks. I’m not OCD about hacking just curious. Anyone know what the hacker market is like for the Cry Engine?

This is for PC btw.


Pretty sure its just as prevalent in Cry Engine as other engines.

Really there are 3 issues stemming from the hacking controversy. 1. There are people obviously hacking. 2. There are people hacking discretely. 3. People think legitimate players are hacking.

Problem 1 is usually handled reasonably well by all major games. They are easy to spot and are usually banned fairly early on with things like VaC and FairFight, and while you may occasionally see some of these players, its typically infrequent and they only really cause serious issues in free to play games where banned players can simply create new accounts.

Problem 2 I think is only really a problem in competitive play. Because if someone is still performing similarly to everyone else while hacking, which would be required to be discrete, then he isn’t really causing problems in casual play. The problem comes in competition where the legitimacy of the competition is threatened by competitors that are discretely hacking. This is solved at the highest level with championships being held at LANs where hacking would be impossible; but this is still the real problem leading up to the LAN, lower skill brackets, and games without the sponsors to financially support LANs.

Problem 3 I think is the largest problem in PC gaming. So many people are so quick to think that someone playing better then them is hacking. I have talked to several people that have hacked in a shooter, and their number 1 reason for hacking is because they think cheating is prevalent. The devs can help minimize this a little by having a good matchmaking system that minimizes player’s contact with people significantly more skilled then them, after all, if you are getting destroyed by someone way better then you, does it effect your level of enjoyment whether they are hacking or legit? Its really a bad experience either way. But mainly the mindset of the community needs to change and we need to be less ready to jump to the assumption that someone is hacking.


Nah most hackers are not easy to spot at all. Its only the guys that are obvious about hacking that are easy to spot… the other 90% are not letting you see it.

Hacks these days include options that will make it easy to hide your activity, such as slow aiming ect.

And people do it because it is possible. People will always do whatever needs to be done to be better than others and if it is possible, they will cheat. Its kind of human nature.


Anyone that has ever beat me on any game ever made is a hacker. Even if said player is sat next to me on the sofa using the same system.


Actually, they are legitimately hacking, they have the ability to see the through your POV at any time, these are the worst kind of hackers lol