Anti-caira tips? never really faced her in beta


i don’t see any way to counter her speed boost. unless playing as wraith and abusing warp blast you can’t get away. i think her speed should be given a longer cooldown. on kraken and goliath she just seems to catch up instantly without giving the chance for the monster to evolve (because once she’s caught up, she still has the speed boost which makes her faster than you)

just an FYI to anyone who doesn’t know, her healing grenades are NOT to be sniffed at.


If you are smart about dodging the Hunters you can deal with it. The entire Hunter team can’t benefit from her speed boost if they have to split up to find you.


yeah i fell foul of her on aviary. very chokey map.


Try taking the traversal stamina perk. Should allow you to move through the map more quickly.

In combat, you have to go with bursting very high damage in as short amount of time as possible to drop her. You’ll need a couple lvl 3 abilities to cycle.

Need tips and tricks vs Caira

yeah just vortex3 wasn’t enough. i’ll need to unlock the next rank of the traversal perk - i suppose that’ll be better for me. (usually taking feeding speed)

i suppose i just have to try to evolve before the hunters land and get banshees. again, aviary isn’t good for that.

i guess it’s good that facing caira means playing differently, just like with laz. strange how the medics really effect the game more than the other classes right now


Yeah, and the tier 4 medic does it again. I just got worked during the lunch playtest because I fought against that medic the same way that I fight against Val, and that didn’t work at all. Talking about it later, I realized what I needed to do. Excited to go back in and try a different strategy. So hard to remember what to do against the different combinations. I need to make a spreadsheet or something. Or learn how to game. :wink:


4th Medic plays differently than the other 3.
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Use your traversals wisely. Also use the terrain against the hunters too. Use cliffs to quickly exhaust their jetpacks. Even a speed boosted team can’t keep up with you if your using cliffs effectively. If your kraken and they are chasing then lay some traps with banshee mines around corners and along over hanging ledges. Lure them to a narrow passage and vortex blast them to push them back also works great. If your using goliath be sure to use your attacks such as the dash which can be used to escape the hunters and even leap smash off the top of cliff can gain you some good distance. Wraith shouldn’t have much problem escaping them but I would recommend decoy and warp blast as a means of distracting or teleporting away from them.

Oh and be sure to focus her down when you get the chance. Her healing is crazy good lol.



Come on man, you can’t tease me like that.


Trying to get Goliath Elite skin here, but I lose about 50% of the time I get matched up against Caira. :stuck_out_tongue:
Would you suggest I go:

-Cooldown reduction.

  • Stage 1: (Charge 3)
  • Stage 2: (Charge 3) (Leap smash 3)
  • Stage 3:(Charge 3) (Leap smash 3) (firebreath 3)

Leap smash, charge her up in a corner and finish the deal with melee attacks?


Personally I really like:
Rock Throw 3, Leap Smash 3, charge 2, Fire Breath 1.
Rock Throw 3 does a ton of damage, if you can hit it that is.


Yeah, I love rock throw as well. It’s just that the time it takes to do the rock throw, caira can heal up pretty quickly. ;/


Also look for the advantage of whatever terrain you’re fighting in. While Val can heal just about anyone no matter what’s happening, if you’re vortexing/charging people left right and center then caira has a majorly tough time hitting all of those grenades.

Also, I doubt it’s easy, but count caira’s shot count if you can. Unless she had reload speed (and even if she does to a degree) there is an infuriatingly long reload in which high damage attacks can really wreck a player while she’s waiting to be able to fire again. Time your attacks accordingly :smile:


i think another thing is to fight AOE with AOE


yep like said if ure spamming ure hardest attacks while i got a full mag it will be hard to kill someone without strikes but if ure waiting till i have to reload it gets pretty hard

and ae as caira is not a huge problem


This is a good tip.

I played against a really skilled team for 12 matches or so tonight, and didn’t win a single match. I stayed because the team said I was the most challenging monster they faced. And I want to get better, but I really struggle to get through her heals. It was honestly a little frustrating, even taking Traversal Stamina & 3 points in rock throw… I couldn’t do it. I came close once, but of course those heals kept her at a sliver of health as she ratted around a corner.

What do you guys recommend as a first target in a team with Caira? I think maybe I was going for trapper too much.

@MacMan so, the plan at stage 1 is to just sneak right? What if they have a Maggie?


I have found, (and I’m a terrible monster so take this advice lightly) that leap smash is the ability to take if you’re finding it hard to get through healing, especially with Caira. I’d also always be targeting her first, unless Hank was on the team.


i always “pretend” to be focusing on support and trapper, maybe try to get a down, then flip round and focus the medic

although if the support is cabot or hank i might just keep the focus on them longer.


Anti-caira tip: Go for caira first. No really, in fact always go for the medic first. No medic = No healing. Very simple.

Once you finish caira or any other medic just go for the assault and then BAM! The team doesn’t has any damage keeper or medic. After that its your choice to take out the trapper or support.