Anthem-Bioware's New IP


Bioware just showed a teaser for their new IP! It looks pretty sick!

More details will come tomorrow during Microsoft’s presentation.


Welp, it looks alright. But I think everyone’s expectations should be kept in check.


Is E3 going on today or something? I thought that was 13-15


I believe a few companies have pre-E3 shows. EA, Bethesda and Square-enix are some of them, I think.


Oh, so they are still revealed at E3 correct?


I believe so, yes. I’m not too sure on the exact details, myself though.


They release teasers to get more people excited for their booths/panels etc…


Excited for an EA panel?

As for Anthem, there isn’t enough info to make any real judgement. So here’s my ‘lets speculate over 5 seconds of CGI’ :

Seems alright. The character shown looked like a small mech, so here’s hoping for some Avatar-style man v.s. machine fights.


The only thing that would excite me about EA is them going bankrupt and having to sell their IPS they ruined to good companies :smiley:


We have announced that EA has been bought out b Activision.
-world explodes-


Just retcon C&C 4 already :smiley: Give it to another studio and make Renegade 2.


I wish this was Evolve, in Evolve universe, vs huge creatures and Evolve monsters. and in the story, one of the Goliath is a “good guy’s goliath” who helps the human race against the foreign monsters. i wanted a game of evolve like this.

as for the video, who doesnt like robots and explosive power/rockets like that. this game has the story path with decent character development and satisfactory coop action!
dont think it’ll be on steam lol, EA right.


Oof dat rez.



@IWannaBeATiger @The_Specialist


I didn’t say you couldn’t or shouldn’t I just said oof dat rez

And specs just came in with a Lazarus pic which is an old joke on the forum


Necro Laz does revive the dead, right?