[Answered] Wraith still in co op vs ai


Did a few matches earlier and she still took goliaths place about 75% of the time


And that’s wrong how exactly?..


I’m sorry, i was under the impression it was a bug that she took his place.


It is intended that Wraith is sometimes the monster in co-op. The AI team is busy working to get other monsters ready for co-op also!

The bug where it shows Goliath instead of Wraith on the deploy screen should be fixed in Defcon 2.10 to help the confusion. Sorry about that!


I have to say wraith is very refreshing change and also mention that I m very curious about kraken/kelder who had worst ai of all monsters [could not ever escape] I believe ai kraken gonna be cheating with higher traversal regen or something.


If I have my way it won’t cheat! :slight_smile: Improving the AI use of the traversal mechanics for both of the Krakens and Gorgon is something I’d really like to tackle once I have the time.


That sounds amazing,no one like dirty cheaters :^) even players have trouble to use kraken traversal properly tho . So I m extra curious how is It gonna look like . I can imagine gorgon will be less of trouble.


I agree with you. The more monsters the merrier. Apparently reading is hard as I misread the patch notes.