[Answered] Skin I've already owned is not unlocked, why guys why?


Like I got this skin during Legacy with the Hunter’s Quest app. I refuse to spend keys on an item I had already earned.

  1. File a ticket.

  2. I find it ridiculous how you “refuse” to spend 750 keys when you have 83k. It’s literally less than 1% of what you have.


0.89%, lol. And it’s an amount that will be regained in like one match anyway since the new Accolades came in.

But anyway yeah just file a ticket to 2K Support or try unlinking and relinking your My2K account and then it should work. :slight_smile:


+it is ugly skin but that is not the point

op is right he had it unlocked and it is not level related so it should stay unlocked


Should it? Yes; and he should file a support ticket but it’s not as big a deal as he seems to make it out to be.


Yeah it is like 1 coop game played
It is more about principle tho.


how do I send this ticket?


Is this the only one you had on Legacy?
I bought a tons of skins on PS4 and I hope I won’t have to buy them again when Stage 2 comes.



That’s a skin gained from winning the community events on the Hunter’s Quest app. I won all of them and have had them on all the first three tiers of hunters. (Tier four actually has theirs come with the PCMR)


And every skins are locked?
I understand your frustration.
It’s not a matter of price, it’s the need to buy something we already owned. It’s illogical.


Go to http://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and fill out the form :slight_smile: