ANSWERED: Invisible monster, birds scared all over the map


EDIT: So it seems from peoples’ experiences that sometimes as monster you spawn as an invisible entity that can scare off birds, and players often decide to troll around with it leading to hackusations such as mine :3

I have had a couple of hunt games online where from the start of the game the monster is scaring birds all over the map, leaving no tracks behind. It’s happened on Orbital Drill and Armoury with two different monster players, and their velocity as suggested by the trail of birds scattering is ridiculously high, while the monster itself is nowhere to be seen. I am not sure if this is a glitch or a hack.

In the Orbitral Drill game I even cut ahead of the previous bird site only to see birds scattering in front of my eyes, no monster to be seen anywhere near, including a lack of tracks or the sound of footsteps. Birds then set off a significant distance away in seconds, again with no monster tracks left between.

When it happened in Armoury the birds scares were happening within seconds on far opposite sides of the map. A teammate suggested a Kraken could do this with skilled lightning strike placements, but upon later testing in singleplayer I found only a monster’s physical presence will scare off birds.

I did notice in one of these two games that I could not see what monster had been chosen in the hunter/monster reveal screen. Instead there was some technical error displayed where the chosen’s monster’s name should have been.

Has anybody else experienced this and does anybody have an idea what is causing this strange phenomena?


Were you playing hunt or evacuation?


Hunt, online.


I have no idea then. Never heard of this bug before, glad you reported this. :smile:

Do you have any videos of this as it would help the devs understand what’s going on.


This could be the Play as the invisible strider thing


Link/details please? You tease me. I wasn’t aware striders set off birds.


No I joined a match once and was an invisible strider instead of being the monster.

I was able to scare birds and every ting the video doesn’t upload for me sorry :smile:


Yesterday this happened to me, too. I got assinged for the monster in a running game but the monster role was already taken. Instead i walked around the map without shape (but i had an almost empty hp bar, that indicated i were in the role of a monster). Though I was invisible and without a body I was able to scare birds. As soon as i realized this, I left the game. After that, my login screen showed me the model of the Kraken, as if i had played him in my previous match.


Dont think it is a hack because it happend to me and my team too while we were playing against a bot monster (still in multiplayer que, just didnt find a monster player^^)


Forgot about that bug, good thinking. :smile:


You actually can die as the invisible strider and take over the bot monster if there is one. I did this by standing in front of a val and she killed me.


Its not a hack it happened to my gf when we joined a game ( we play in the same room) of course i wanted to have fun with it so we played it out
you just spawn in.
you can kill the monster but the game wont end until you kill the invisible player.

I remember seeing a video somewhere im looking for it.


Never experienced this bug myself but it seems interesting and annoying at the same time.


It’s very funny my friend was on a party system with me and I tried to explain it. He was playing the cod aw >:(


there this is the gameplay
Its exactly like what happened with my gf and I

you can sniff, jump, and scare birds but you’re invisble
if the monster dies(its controlled by an AI) the game goes on until you find and kill the invisble player


Yep, this is a bug related to Observer mode, possibly related to the bug where two Monster players spawn in to the same match.


I miss good old double wraith :joy:


That one is cruel on the hunters. ^.-