[Answered] I spy with my little eye, something that was once and is HIDDEN from us


I told ya’ll it was in here still. Every now and then it has popped up since the relaunch of Evolve.

So @Insane_521 @LadieAuPair @snowkissed

All the players still want this back and we KNOW its in the code. So how come we dont see this at the end of every match?

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Hello! Funny, this actually came up in conversation today; it’s technically still there, but because the post round flow was sped up so much, most of the time you don’t see it. We might eventually add it back or make it more prominent, but it needs to be updated a lot for that to happen. Every new character/ability that’s added (or changed) requires some extra work be done for the replay map to show everything.

This is pretty low priority for us right now compared to a lot of the other things our UI Team (the folks who handle these screens) has on their plate.


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Actually, the biggest thing about that map is just color dots location. Im sure no one cares about really any other information.

I appreciate your time!


Please make this more of a priority. I loved this and it teaches players so much by watching it post game.

Every time I asked people if they were still seeing it , they first asked “what is that”

Then when I explained , they all said “that sounds cool as hell, wish I could see that”

Pin a thread with a poll on it and I bet you will see a huge part of the player base that knows what it is wants it back and those that don’t would as well if they knew what they were missing.


I think I agree. A poll is warranted.

That tracking map helps people find new patterns and avoid old tropes!~


How do you get Match Replay? :stuck_out_tongue:


I have to agree with the other posts in here. The most important thing that the post-game review teaches people is map position. Abilities used isn’t as high a priority unless this becomes a full-out replay of the game that we can save and review for later. You don’t have time to analyze each individual ability during a queue. You certainly have time to watch the flow of the game and who went where though.


Maybe make them visible through the website like how it happened before with legacy? So it’s not in-game, but for those who want to have it, they can go somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

Going back to lurk mode.


i am always wondering what the UI team is doing all the time, anyone else?


Okay but why can I hear something about 2 nuns? XD


I was listening to CoasttoCoastAm and it was a news blurb.


Fair enough. xD