Another Trapper Idea - Giant Beartrap! :)


How about a Trapper whose “3” ability is similar in mechanics to Hank’s Air Strike but instead of calling down an air strike, it calls down a massive, gigantic, bear trap like thing that crashes down and sinks into the soil becoming totally invisible.

If a Monster walks or hovers a certain height over the area, the trap springs after like 0.4 seconds and the Monster becomes stuck. The catch is that the claws and things of the trap block other projectiles so much like when Behemoth uses Rock Pillar Shielding, you need to shoot through gaps to hurt the Monster from the outside.

Also as it’s a huge trap coming down from the sky, observant Monster players will know where one landed (but will have to keep track of where it is after it’s sunk into the ground).

Inside the trap, the Monster suffers DOT damage and cannot move, but can use Abilities and Melee to destroy the trap to escape.

Has obvious combo with aforementioned Hank Air Strike.
Can also be used to cover a downed Hunter and stop the Monster from trying to camp on a body.

Hunters that happened to be with the Monster when the trap sprung can move out of the trap but not back into it.

Completely useless indoors. :slight_smile: