Another trapper bites the dust


I SUCK with the trapper! AND i love having a good trapper on the team. I’ve notice from the many trappers that fail have something in common. All seem to carry perk to trail the monster in a endless 2 hour circle and by the time they do luck out and catch the monster to a “feed” and dome. The rest of the team is still biting the dust.

In my non-expert trapper opinion why doesn’t the trapper just flank while the rest hogs the monsters trail? More times than not, i catch the monster flanking better than the trapper, but so to focus on healing the trapper with my med gun (or power shield) from all it’s wildlife wounds and not tranquil the monster.

Just tired of trappers moaning “where’s my team?” When trapper get chewed in their private little dome with the monster alone. Not everyone’s perk is for speed. Like i said, i’m no trapper expert but surely i’m not the only person who feels this way.


Flanking is pretty common in level 40 games.


My teams composition tends to be trapper and support run cut off while assault and medic follow up behind the monster.


I often flank, and movement speed perks help with that. It’s definitely the trapper’s responsibility to judge carefully what’s happening and not dome if it’s ridiculous to do so. I’m certainly guilty of doing this, doming and then wondering where my team are…oh they’re 150m away…and so that’s something I’m trying to improve.

That said, it’s why splitting up with the support as trapper makes sense. The support is with you, you can put the dome down and you can cloak with him until the assault and medic comes by. It’s clear that part of the job of a trapper is to be at risk, and to be good at avoiding the monster in order to get that dome down while hunters catch up…but like you say, not at the expense of a strike because the team weren’t ready to support you.

This is why communication is so key, when I play random games it’s very hard to play trapper because the team don’t always follow what you want to do (this is a language thing as much as anything in EU region I feel). That said, I get frustrated at teams of hunters that do the job of chasing a monster towards me, but clearly fail to keep an eye on where the monster is, checking bushes for doubling back, etc. When they come and reach me and we’re all like “Uh, so where’s the monster” it feels so frustrating!


The map is my main tool as the trapper. I usually take regen perk to keep myself alive (don’t trust random medics… And usually play with a Laz player) for some dodging action with the monster if the team is far away. But usually communication solves that issue. Make the team comfortable to speak and advice each other where every player needs to be on the map.

Ask everyone already in the dropship if they are familiar with that you can toggle the map. It helps quite a lot if everybody can have a bird perspective of the cat and mouse chase.


Honestly I am level 30 something now and I do not see a real difference of people changing a lot to let say a level 20+ player. If someone is a shit Trapper at level 20 and still a shit Trapper on level 30 why would it change on level 40?
It’s not like people won’t level up if they play bad (unfortunately).


This is exactly why I never take speed as a trapper. Which is my main class. Too easy to catch the monster without the rest of the team, which never really ends very well. Better to run a little slower so the team reaches the monster when the dome goes down, even if it means I have to be intelligent about which direction to go, instead of following his tracks like a bloodhound, that’s Daisy’s job, I’m a human thank you very much.

Jump height (my main for Griffin). Weapon swap (my main for Abe). Reload speed (Maggie). Jetpack recharge. Health regen. Even damage taken. All of these are far better options for a trapper.


I like playing Val a.d this actually works out for me pretty well (most of the time). They’ll run along behind the monster, following the breadcrumbs and taking forever. I’ll flank and tranq it too much for it to get away. Then I heal and try not to die as my PUG team wanders around looking for the monster that is pounding me into dust inside the dome.

Seriously, how do you lose track of a flying, glowing blue monster in the dome?


Time is the best teacher, but it also kills it’s students.

Give them time, the trapper will learn eventually, but they will always die.


I would consider it from the other point of view : Why does the team hogs the monster’s trail. Until the dome is thrown on the monster, the trapper IS the most important part of the team and has the initiative (this is not to say that you should let you medic get chomped by a plant or encourage your assault to go to the other end of the map to kill wildlife but you get my point).

I main trapper and am quite successful at doming monsters (including the elusive-testicularly-deficient-engage-at-S3-only-wraith variety) and it’s happened to me to dome too early and feel really lonely facing the monster in our little private dome but the truth is, at some point, you HAVE to flank or intercept the monster in order to force the fight. I use jump height perk and try to avoid doming with an empty jetpack, so I can usually waltz with the monster till my mates arrive, but there is no denying that it can be tricky sometimes


I just got chewed out today for not throwing the dome down on a monster in a pub match because I felt my team was not close enough to me. Yes, I was right there standing at the kill with Goliath, casually asking for my share of the monster’s meal but mind you, I’m not about to engage when I know my team is too far behind me. Oh course, this was after I had already thrown a dome earlier but my team didn’t get there before I was mashed into a pulp and the dome went down. Fool me once…shame on me…but fool me twice? I don’t think so. Guess you’ll have to chew me out or keep up! I very rarely take movement speed.