Another topic about "tinkerbelling" - Jetpacking


So… I have a question. Because I was accused of “tinkerbelling”, what does it actually mean.
Arcade mode with Wraith, PParnell, Hank (me), Abe and Blitz Markov. My perks were I - JP thrust; II - reload speed; III - jetpack 20% something-something… Is this such a bad setup? I mean no offense to the monster but he wasn’t the greatest. First of all, I know that Wraith is not the best right now. For me, she is too slow and her HP is too low, but at the same time, she is not trash. I can manage with the right perks.
I really don’t understand some monster players complaining about that. Even as Goli I still manage, and people say he has it the hardest… Can someone shine some light for me, please?


It’s not even possible to tinkerbell with your build…

Tinkerbell is getting 3 flight efficiency perks and staying in the air until 2150


Tinkerbelling is the hunters hovering around in the air for absurd amounts of time.


Doesn’t seem like a tinkerbell perk set? I haven’t really noticed people trying to tinker bell in my monster matches though if my target is in the air I just warp above em abduct em and spike em to the ground with a heavy melee… Wraith has a fairly easy time controlling hunter movement with her abduct and WB.


I’ve finished reading all 3 threads about it, one had its last post 8 days ago, the other two like 3 weeks. Nobody there was able to show a “good” monster having issues with such a comp. From my understanding of all this commotion is that it’s annoying to monster players, but I just don’t understand how…

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this is the closest thing that I came into playing against “tinkerbelling” but I don’t condone it! I applaud it, Support did an awesome job, but he would have gotten down if it wasn’t for… you know :expressionless:


Basically, dodging = “tinkerbelling”.


If the hunters are tinkerbelling its the best gift for the Monsters because when they come down they have nothing anymore and its a free strike. All Monsters who cant handle tinkerbelling should feel ashamed of oneself.


Tinkerbelling isn’t bad for monsters of they manage it well but I’ve been playing p.parnell a lot and started ripping into people for it lol makes healing them a pita and kept resulting in a strike the moment they landed meaning I had to pop RF to revive them from a distance


The trick is that they are almost untouchable while doing it. Yes once they land you can punish them for it. most times the one who would do it is medic/support. you know the guys your supposed to kill first. so while they float about they can heal recharge etc. if they do it right they will still have some jetpack left to dodge. Just because they fly for extended times doesnt mean they are stupid and burn all their fuel. This was one of the reason sunny was hated so much.


The whole tinker bell thing is actually insane. And by that, I mean when people can fly higher than I can as kraken and stay higher than me for a good 5 seconds, something is wrong.


I will add, that was without sunny


@demonshadow is right, experienced hunters can use it very effectively, especially combined with a good Griffin. Add in a random group with the full solo buffs who are playing with decent coordination and it can become an exercise in frustration. The best counter is dome location, but even then it is really easy to lose too much health getting a strike.

It dramatically cuts the dps available to the monster, and when used properly gives the hunters time to recharge shields and heal burst to gain additional time on the ground. It is tough to deal with a good premade where the medic and support alternate hovering, but against skilled randoms with 2000hp plus additional MS and JPR buffs it is gg with maybe one or two strikes if you are lucky. Not fun to play those matches where you have a skilled team using good tactics and strategy, plus they get the full solo buffs on top! Tinkerbell tactics are just one part of the issue, it is usually a combination of factors that make it frustrating and un fun to play against.


A tinkerbelling Hank with a Slim on the ground is horrible to deal with as a monster. Also I’m guilty of tinkerbelling with Rabe. All that chip damage while you’re floating at the top of the map, lol.