Another Slim-Spore Suggestion


Ive brought this idea up before in other threads, and USUALLY got positive feedback on it- So I figured I might put the idea into its own topic for discussion/feedback/criticism.

Now, Its obvious to me that slims spore clouds could use “a change”. Mind you Im not so far over the fence that I think he needs a straight up wildly new ability- But its obvious SOMETHING needs to be done. Personally, spore clouds rarely bother me on MOST maps in most situations- Though I do admit they can be a bit overwhelming when theres trees/hyde melting your face/sunny nuking your face/Jacks green repuslor wall/a giant 2 story tall monster in the way- Generally however, im fine with them, and plenty of monsters I care with laugh at spore clouds- BUT i also recognize that a LOT of people DO struggle immensely with them- Their being so controversial on the forums is good evidence of that. And THAT alone is a reason worthy of some consideration.

So my suggestion is this:

  1. Make slims spore clouds a hit or no hit effect. Like a sunny nuke- Either the monster is effected, or they arent. Not an “area” thing anymore. Theres a few reasons for this, but more on this in a moment.

  2. Make it so slims spore clouds remove all “sniff” information, but only IMPAIR a monsters auto-sense, and reduce its range.

Some clarification here for those of us who might not know, or dont play monster regularly enough to be familiar with this: Monsters have an “auto sense”. When things get within a certain range (Wild life and hunters), theyre highlighed- Irregardless of whether or not you have or havent used the smell ability. So basically- If you dont use the smell ability, but things are in auto-sense range, they will be highlighted at all times. More people are becoming aware of this because this was just buffed, but if you were un aware before- there you go.

Now monsters will get SOME visual information, and dont get the visually jarring impact of losing everything, but the available information is limited. In order to maintain sense-information on someone, say that trapper- Youll have to keep them close and focus them. But you wont easily see the support whos positioning himself up on the cliff getting his shield projector out- Or maybe youre hugging the medic, keeping them in sense range- but wont automatically have griffin highlighted on your screen who is running around behind you getting ready to harpoon you in the butt.

It being made a “hit or not hit” effect would be to reward and punish slim for accuracy here- As well as making the spore cloud more “useful” against more mobile monsters, and not as punishing on less-mobile monsters. Behemoth wont have to slug through a spore cloud, but at the same time kraken wont just lololol fly a few meters to the side and continue business as usual.

Id also argue the effect should last only long enough that to maintain the impairment, slim has to basically continually land the spore clouds- With small window of buffer here. Instead of just blanketing one area, and profiting- Again, accuracy will be needed- Should he miss, thatll be a nice window for the monster.

Consideration also needs to be made for the range. If the impaired auto-sense range is too short youd still ef over the monster, too far and the spores would basically do nothing. Consideration also needs to be made for kraken. The range needs to be adequate enough that hell still be able to function- And really only force him to be a bit closer “than hed like”.

I strongly feel that something like this could help “normalize” slims spore clouds in both the monster AND player category- But what do you guys think?

Let's start this one off with a tease, shall we? - The Shared Dome

I’d just like a longer reload. This way it’s best to use it in immediate situations and not a spamable annoyance. I could live with 10-15 seconds of blindness and then be fine 30-40 seconds.

As for your idea, I’m indifferent on the hit/miss idea, but I think it should only disable smell and not visual. This way the outlines are hidden, but monster could only fail to find them if the monster has T-Rex vision. Removing the hunter completely from a range standpoint can play horrid mind tricks, and I would feel like I’m going insane. Thus the quote below proves that I didn’t misread and strengthens my point that I could very easily go insane based off hiding things in plain sight:



Anyway, I’m okay with this idea. I still feel that the spore cloud is too toxic and the effect needs a rework, but this could help somewhat with standardizing the effect across all players and monsters.


I would like it to have it work like Cabots dust tag. Last like 30 seconds but give it a long cool down.


I’m avoiding this thread like the plague.

  1. OP isn’t very descriptive on it’s suggestions.

  2. Due to the non-descriptive nature of the OP it comes across as a buff more than anything.

  3. I stay away from “Buff Slim” threads.


Definitely not intended to be a buff to slim- but a buff to monsters for dealing with slim.

May I ask What do you feel was too vague? Or what you feel is a buff to slim? I’m glad to clarify.


I dont really understand the first one tbh, but the second one definetly has my support. Auto sense should stay, if that makes spores too useless, it should have a shorter range, but it should stay in any case.