Another skin discussion


So i know this question has been asked a lot on here but they were old posts, and im curious to know if any knew info is out there somewhere. After all of these weekend challenges, why dont they release the skins we never aquired yet already? such as the whole support, medic, and assault predator skin packs along with the voodoo skins for the monsters, and even the gold skins. The only explanation i can come up with is that TRS want to reap the rewards and keep the challenges going as long as possible with these predator skins so they have more time to make new ones for new upcoming challenges, and if everyone already has or bought the skins then that kinda ruins the point of it.

Thats just how i see things though, I for one missed the kraken voodoo and i regret it dearly, i must have it :sob:


Just give it time. I can’t see them giving skins away and the selling them the following week.

Patience is a virtue. :slight_smile:


Am I the only 1 tht likes limited time skins :slight_smile: Like I love having atleast 1 skin that wont come back (: Makes me feel more proud.


i have every voodoo skin except for Wraith, I wish I had got on for it. It looks the best out of them all.