Another Question About Smoking lol


So you know how Hank smokes on the dropship? Is it legal for him to smoke near Jack since he is underage? This is relating to real life, like I thought its not allowed to show a person smoking next to an underage kid like in TV shows and Movies, just curious. Because of Second Hand Smoke and stuff


Assume this is a sci-fi future where they’ve cured cancer, made tobacco harmless or both. :wink:


Because the game is intended for mature audience, it is fine. That, and the fact that the laws in the game’s universe might be entirely different than what we have.


hahahha can’t Wait for the future!


Ah, i see. I thought like Rated R movies can’t have that either. Probably the game universe can avoid laws


Bruh, when you’re possibly going to die on a planet evacuated of colonists replaced with monsters, why would you possibly quit smoking because a kid was on the team? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But we don’t want Jack to Die! Mommy Lennox won’t be to pleased to see his son die of Lung Failure


An underage kid is going out to fight giant ass monsters and you want to know why Hank is allowed to smoke near Jack? Lol okay :stuck_out_tongue:


She has a thing for Hank. Eh. Maybe she’ll talk some sense into him :wink:


At least he won’t die from his own team members smoking habits. Won’t it be sad if he using his repulsor and then he just collapses on the floor coughing?


She has a thing for every team member who is younger than her, except Jack, you never know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


pretty sure Shear is law free,so it dosent really matter


They do have magic heal guns and resurrection gloves, so yeah, I doubt cigars are much of a concern.


You are aware though that what you see in Rated R movies is a distorted representation of the fictional reality the author is trying to narrate, right? I mean, not smoking next to a minor is a concern that only exists in the mind of whoever makes the laws. It’s pretty easy to understand that Hank wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about it…


At the point in time Jack is on the team, the only laws that have any power over The Crew are the ones they make. If they’re willing to let a teenager fight extradimensional murder-beasts, they’re not going to draw the line at someone smoking next to him.

Headcanon: Hank’s cigars, and most others, use synth-bac, a non-carcinogenic GMO plant that phased out tobacco several centuries ago.