Another problem with Wraith, Visual Sensory Overload


As some who’s been playing as much I had, I find the reworked Wraith to be very overwhelming at times. Statistic wise I think she is mostly balance, but more twerks are always welcome to push her into a better spot.

#The Decoy

Decoy in itself is pretty crazy with all the arm flailing, top that with the supernova glow it has and you have yourself a trigger for another seizure.

I think this is where most players also have a problem with her, because not only do they have to deal with the Wraith who is quite speedy and mobile in combat, but they also have this thing flailing at them them and attacking them with these fancy flashes.


By itself I think this is a pretty decent ability, that is quite easy to counter for the most part. But has similar problems with the Decoy, it overloads you with visuals.
It does the same thing as the Decoy but it also has a sphere, that thankfully is better than the one we had prior to ES2 build.

#My suggestions

Make the decoy more distinguishable, without overloading people with the flashing and flailing.
Yes I know the decoy doesn’t have the same fancy nemo skin as me.

For Supernova, make the ground darker inside the sphere. This way we can have a better idea of the radius and weather or not we should thrust up or walk out of the cloud.

Thank you for reading this and if you have similar problems and have a better suggestion for it due share. :smiley:

Gonna tag @Shin since he plays Wraith a lot and would like to know how he feels about the crazy visuals.
@GentlemanSquirl any update on VFX we can expect soon?

Supernova Clarity Change (Wraith)

I’ve seen some ridiculous attack bugs on the Decoy. Looks like it saved its attack for a second, and used them all at once.It’s actually quite funny when it happens.


This with the picture had me crying with laughter for a few minutes.

Amazing thank you. lol

in fact, the more I read it I crack up more. I have to leave this post it’s too much. I didn’t sleep much last night and this post has broken me.



Ya we are adjusting Decoy visual stuff. It might not be for the patch that refactor Decoy though, trying to get the gameplay side asap.