Another Play Session Dead Because Matchmaking Doesn't Work


Alright. I’m very sad right now. I convinced my friends to join my Evolve games after weeks. Yet again, the play session died when Matchmaking just kept placing us with bots.

Matchmaking for parties of 3 or 2 is completely broken. It is extremely hard to find games. How is it that this is still this way months after release? My friends are fed up with this game because we are unable to play together. We have to jump through untold hoops to find games. One of use looks for games alone while 2 pray we find a lobby with open slots. Even with this strat it takes ages to find a game.

Is this ever going to be looked into? My friends actually like the gameplay, but hate everything else. Bugs, disconnects, and a matchmaker that only works for people who are solo and maybe for 4 man premades.


You might have to wait for a sale when the player base will increase. Players with monster as their preference often are not interested in playing hunter, and vice versa. Consequentially hunters joining 2-3 man parties are discouraged by the high chance of playing monster because the party members will only ever be cast as hunter. Ideally your two man party would be matched with another two man, but the player base is so small that there are not many half team parties out there. The PC population does not even peak at 1k during the weekdays anymore.


The problem will be the reaction of those new guys when they see they are stuck with a matchmaker that can’t find games.

I mean, even as a solo, Evac mode is basically dead.


Yeah it’s a pity they put time into nest, rescue and defend when nobody really plays those modes. It’s almost just a requirement to make the game seem filled for it’s price tag when personally I am content with hunt mode. I’m really hoping for not a gradual income of players but a massive surge when there’s a sale and everybody who sat on the fence because of the price tag buy in.