Another "Overpowered Weekend" event?


Let’s admit, everyone was basically like this in the past 3 days of the “Overpowered Weekend” event:

So, will there be another one?


I hope not too soon. I need break for month. kek


I hope they do one event per month, but only with 2x XP


I was about to make a similar topic, I enjoyed OP weekend too much, I don’t mind if they do it again with a lower multiplier, everything the devs plan for this game is FUN.

They don’t only have my appreciation, also my time and health haha.


How many hours did you put in? I got around 45 for the weekend. My brain also feels like it’s on fire when I try to play anything resembling an FPS (I put in solely Hunter hours, no Monster time)


I leveled every monster and hunter to 40 and got about 250+k silver

I think It was like 30 hours+some at friday , i did my best to keep each match very short.


I got everyone except both vals, Abe, and Jack. I was doing bots to make it easier on the hunter side, but the matches started getting longer because everyone good kept getting burned out.

Plus I wanted to get to 200 WS so I could see if there was bonus keys. I was disappointed.


Only thing I did not get was 40behemoth,because I can play him only in training. I got stuck at 31 level until tomorrow.
I m gonna get like half level each day in training .


That sounds miserable. I’m glad I can play Bob in real matches, if I want to.

If you can play him in training, why can’t you play him in normal?


because in training is every character unlocked,even character u do not own.
you can not buy bob until rework.


Overpowered yeah…can’t win as monster jesus this is getting mad as…dunno what has happened but the monsters lack power big time against a fair decent team…just cannot get away or deal enough damage no matter what…


I eally liked the event for myself, got a few hunters I wanted with some perks to play them.

And still I think this event was not the best I can think of.

Why? I’d like to support this game so it has a future. My idea was, to buy keys to unlock the perks I need and some hunter and grind skins. In reality this would mean I buy perks, hunters and skins(because i’m leazy and am fortunate enough to be able to spend some money on my gaming).

Reality is that F2P games need to make their money with micro transactions, like it or not.
After this weekend I have little need to spend money on the game for a while. I probably will when it is possible, 1. i’m a greedy leazy ****, 2. I want to see this game succeed. But i’m a minority.

So i’d like to thank Turtlerock for this event and hope the next time they scale it down a bit.

Rather have once a month double or tripple xp and or keys than what we had this weekend.

one thing I’d like to add, I take my hat off for the efford Turtlerock team puts to make the community happy.


Go full red buffs with 2 abilities that have a low animation time. You’ll murder them. That’s what that map is all about, getting the right buffs pronto. Red gives you damage and cooldown reduction. Paire with fast casting abilities.


The down side of this weekend is that having primed characters suddenly means alot less ;-).
Not that It gave rating of skill level before, was just something a bit more special. Now everyone has loads and loads of primed.


Lets let them double the content first.


still only a few prime bobs though. we will be the scary ones soon.


Yes please, for every1 that was attending GamesCom it was not possible to play during this period and get x10 / x10.


I really hope not. That was the biggest cheese xp/sk event ever.
If they do this again i hope they onky do it to the keys cuz having all characters maxed out in just a few games really narrows down the sense of accomplishment when reaching lvl 40