Another one of those "Game mode suggestion" threads


So, the idea of 16 vs 4 has been thrown around on this, and i was thinking, since that mode would have some balancing issues, the mode should be 20 vs 5, after the next tier is released, and then, instead of 25 players, it would remain 5, each character getting to choose the order of characters they want, then after one hunter is killed, the next would take their place, same for monster. The mode would take pretty long, but could be limited to arena mode or a smaller map (using the fences evacuation perk) and could be limited to custom games because of the time restraints. Do you guys think this would be fun or not really?


It would likely be fun. Most people agree on that. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s just not possible, sadly.


Could make a sort of boss rush/pokemon style mode where players chose a lineup of ~3 monsters and 12 hunters.

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