Another "New PC" thread, would appreciate your help!


Hey all!

So I was thinking about getting a new computer this upcoming Black Friday with all the sales going on and such. A few things however…

  1. I’m not sure if I even need a new computer. I can run most games at medium/high graphics. The only games that I really have some trouble with are Guild Wars 2 and Infestation: Survivor Stories, when lots is going on. I’ll paste my current specs at the end of this post. I really, really would like to be able to run Evolve on high or better.

  2. I have never built my own PC. I have no idea what I’m doing, and am only vaguely familiar with what the various parts of a computer do or how they connect. Friends have built my previous computers but I’ve since moved to another state. I’d only attempt building one if that is highly recommended by you all, with some good guides and advice.

  3. I’d prefer ordering a pre-build PC since I’m not so sure I wouldn’t mess up building my own. Does anyone know of any good, trustworthy websites that can do that? And would you be able to recommend any particular parts?

Thanks very much. I know I am asking for a lot and have nothing to offer in return, I just really need help because I’m lost when it comes to this stuff. Again, I truly appreciate it.

My specs:

Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 CPU 930 @ 2.80GHz
Speed: 2.8 GHz
Number of Cores: 8

Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480
Dedicated Memory: 1.6 GB
Total Memory: 4.0 GB

Memory: 13 GB

Motherboard: I’m not sure here, my system info just says “System Product Name”

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit


Size 931.4 GB
Free 582.5 GB


I will reply tomorrow morning If I can, but by the first look I think you can play Evolve in medium at least.


Please use one of the existing threads for this no need for extra threads


But… the other threads are for other PC users with other questions, situations, and specs.

Maybe if there was a stickied topic that was like “Get PC help here!” that would be applicable. Since that is not the case, wouldn’t posting this in someone else’s thread be essentially thread hijacking?


Thanks, I really appreciate the input. Medium is not going to be enough for Evolve, I must experience the full glory! If you wouldn’t mind considering, would I be able to switch out some components (likely the video card) instead of getting a whole new computer?

My only issue with that idea is that I’ve been having a lot of black screen and blue screen crashes, and I’m not sure how to identify the issue. Might it be better to go with a fresh start?


At least grab a newer graphics card and some RAM (ram is super cheap).

If you are game you could also grab a better CPU but changing that is potentially hard for a new comer to working on PCs.

Figure out a budget and stuff I can make more specific recommendations. Also if you have a preferred website to buy from I can link you from that.

Shoot me a PM if you want extra help and I can probably sort stuff out. Unless you happen to live on the Australian East coast I can only really help via the forums and PM but I am more than happy to give you as much help as I can. I am sure others will to.


If you want to run Evolve on High, the only thing you really need is a new graphics card.
The rest of your system is fine. Good CPU, and good amount of RAM.

Look at this chart, and you can see where your current graphics card, the GTX 480 stacks up.

It is recommended you go at least 3 tiers higher when upgrading. So you would be looking at a NVIDIA GTX 770 or AMD R9 280X or better.

Make sure it has at least 2GB of VRAM, or 3GB or 4GB if you have the money for it. But at the minimum 2GB of VRAM.

And make sure you have a Bus width of at least 256 bits or more, like 384 bits.
Avoid 128 bits, its really old by today’s standards, bottlenecks more powerful graphics cards.
You may see 192bits, which is better then 128bits, but more is better.

So you would want something like this:

or this:

Or if you want something more, it depends on your budget.

Just make sure your Power Supply Unit (PSU) has the proper cables for the graphics card you are upgrading to, or you will need to buy a new Power supply, or get the appropriate adapters.

According to your current Graphics card, the GTX480, you should have a 6 pin PCI-Express connector and an 8 pin PCI-Express connector at least. So open up your PC and see what cables you have to work with. The 6 + 2 PCI-Express connector you see in this chart can be used as a 6pin, or add the 2 pins and use it as an 8pin, some PSUs have this, some dont.

How to upgrade your graphics card:


Awesome, thank you. I’ll take a look in my PC today and see if I can get a handle on all of that information. When originally planning on buying a whole new computer, I was hoping to spend $1,500 or less, so if I am only going to be upgrading the graphics card, there is definitely some wiggle room.

I appreciate the input, if I don’t need a whole new computer that will save me a good bit of money. I just hope the new card fixes my black screen / blue screen issues!


Also bro, don’t be nervous about building a PC. I built my first one 5 years ago or so, with just a few online guides and a bunch of parts bought off Newegg. Only took me an hour or two to build and was frankly pretty easy. If you already have peripherals, you can definitely keep your build under $1500 and still be able to run Evolve on max settings.