Another nerf thread


Just kidding. I used to seriously wonder why every hunter thread is buff, buff buff, but any monster thread is nerf nerf nerf even though in both beta AND live telemetry hunters win more games. I realize the very large majority of players are likely hunters due to playing with friends, please do not let hunter mains ruin the game until all monsters are about as difficult to take down as cardboard. The monsters are in great positions. Goliath mains wreck, kraken mains wreck, wraith mains wreck just as much as assault/medic/support/trapper mains wreck. When you devote yourself to a monster or hunter as your main and aim to excel you do really well. Hunters need to adapt, they have every advantage. Endless steroids, tracking devices, shields,and someone who can bring back dead bodies that doesn’t even fit in lore or make sense at all >.>

Please TRS, realize the majority of players are hunters, do not listen to the cry of hunters who don’t want to try and want to win 5 minute games. If I can’t kill monster in 5 mins its unfun! Lazarus resurrecting people 20 times a match is unfu- No shut up! Laz is fine, laz is perfect! Yea, thats basically how it goes here. I’d personally like to be able to see monsters winning slightly more often than hunters, that is just me. But if the forums are any example they will listen to the cry of hunters.

Sincerely, Goliath Main.


I’m annoyed at all the people wanting to nerf Wraith when what they really want is for her to be more trackable.

You know, the monster that’s meant to be difficult to catch. They want it to be easier to catch.

The same people will ask for Behemoth, the defensive monster, to be squishier when he gets released, I bet. Just you watch.


I agree entirely. People scream “Ahhh! Hes doing better then me! Thats impossible! Nerf nerf nerf! Im doing everything perfect so theres no way Im at fault!”

Heres a thought people, maybe GET GEWD? Cause from my exprience, no Monster is OP. Its just a matter of using the Monster correctly and playing with its strengths. They can be killed people!


Wraith is a pain to catch but it’s only because of her Warp Blast. That thing alone is like around 2 jumps when you rank it up. At rank 1 it’s 1.5 jumps.

I think that things distance should be nerfed or better yet, the cooldown when out of combat (Cause cooldowns are faster when in combat, when out make that thing take some time). Force Wraith’s to be more careful about their dashes.

She’s a lot easier to catch now compared to when she had her invisibility jumping though.


I know :rage: The crybabies complaining that the monster needs to be nerfed are going to ruin the fun and ten the hunters will easily win Turtle Rock don’t listen to the babies wraith is fine there are sooo many ways of taking her down nerfing her will make it too easy


if you need to start a thread with the word Another then you have failed the forum gods


Don’t worry, I doubt that TRS takes them seriously. None of us do.


Oh I guarantee as soon as Behemoths released the people will start flooding the forums crying about it. That’s why Im not even excited for Behemoth now. It’s hard to be excited about a new monster when you know there’s going to be an impending nerf within the first week for no reason other than Im not good enough at this game therefore he’s op


FYI Mcfly The beta is not the final product.


Don’t count on it. TRS knows what they’re doing- they’ve always been good at separating noob talk from legitimate, objective feedback.


I really hope so this is the only good xbox one game since the console released :disappointed_relieved:


I personally believe behemoth will be underpowered. Tankiness and being slow will be the death of him. Goliath is tanky but mobile. Hunters are EXTREMELY mobile so they will just kite behemoth all day after catching him stage one since he takes a year to eat enough to evolve. The armor/health is useless if you cannot catch and shutdown hunters. But we shall see how it turns out.


Yeah Im pretty worried about how he going to turn out. He seems so big and loud that tracking him won’t matter it feels like he will be a constant giveaway.