Another Monster Idea


I liked the monster that TRS had while in development, but another member of the forum (unsure who it was) suggested a spider like monster as a fifth/sixth. That would be rather fitting in my opinion.

Any other suggestions for monsters?


The basilisk would has two huge dibilitating venomous fangs with also a mouth full of teeth, a long dark scaly body an large spikes that protrude all over the basilisks back! Creature would strike fear in all the hunters who play!

abilities include
• tail whip- lashes its long spiked tail hitting an damaging multiple hunters!
•gaze- if a hunters’ caught in its terrible gaze the hunters health drains slowly, while blurrs the hunters vision for a few seconds!
•frenzy- frenzy allows the basilisk to bite an strike hunters multiple times injecting large amounts of neurotoxic venom!
•constrict- wraps the large body around the hunter while in sneak mode an crushes the hunters bones into dust!

“Stage 1” monster has 10 or fifteen bumps on its back that will later turn into spikes, fangs will be short but will grow as it evolves along with body length
"stage 2" fangs grow longer and spikes begin to develop on the monsters long scaly back, monsters length grows an venom gets stronger!
“Stage 3” monsters fangs are at full length, same as the body, spikes are fully developed an cause more damage when “tail whip” is used!

Creature would look something like this!