Another Mastery glitch


So when i was playing Kala, i was working on my masteries for 2 star. As I was using the reducer which i already got 2 stars on (awaiting teleporter pads for 2 star) it said Elite reducer 50%. I was curious if they changed it to were the other abilities are not required to get first for elite.


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sorry, i thought it was different so I put it in two separate threads


If it has to do with Masteries then it’s the same problem.


Keeping these things in one place also makes it a lot easier to view and collect data from.


Before this topic gets merged: This is just a bug with Kala afaik. There were many topics about that issue shortly after her release. I think it’s even just the armor reducer that does this.
I’m sure you can find something about that with the help of the search function :slightly_smiling:


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