Another Lazarus Bug (Or maybe it's known)


Stupid me wasn’t streaming nor did I record it but here is all the detail I can give.

Orbital Plant(?)


Me as Lazarus, Cabot, Waste Maggie and Hyde vs Behemoth

Towards the end of the game by the Relay on the ‘Heli-pad’ Cabot died and his body was there and it had the Revive Timer/Icon above his body.

I went for the revive but I got nothing besides the noise his glove makes when there is nothing to revive.

A few meters over and there was Daisy. I got her up with no issue and she too was dead.

So I couldn’t revive Cabot at all for whatever reason.

Also the “Remove Strikes from a dead Daisy” bug still exists.


This has happened to me multiple times, its why I don’t play laz anymore. I get it every couple of games.


It’s when the client and server have different ideas on where the dead Hunter body is supposed to be.


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