Another idea: A monster called Arachnophob


This idea may seem stupid or impossible, but I don’t care.

Zi, Crazyzombie here with another Evolve idea. Last time I posted an idea on a Support called Jayson. This time I am doing a Monster idea. This was is called Arachnophob

“I hope you don’t have Arachnophobia”

This Monster called Arachnophob, is a giant spider and scorpion hybrid. What I have noticed after creating this giant creepy crawly,is that he is kinda about trapping the Hunters. You trap him? He traps you. Here is why.

Web Shot: Shoots a web, that wraps around a Hunter, and makes him/her unable to move for a few seconds. Last longer with each upgrade.

Web Mine: Put down a little web mine, that traps a Hunter that steps on it, similar to Web Shot. Last longer each upgrade.

Tail Jab: Arachnophob uses his twin tail, to pin down, and jab a Hunter rapidly. This is like a sneak pounce, but the Hunter need to shoot Arachnophob more, to release the Hunter.

Claw Shot: Shoots a claw a distance, and grabs a Hunter. And pulls them in. (I know Wraith and now Behemoth have abilities like this, but this was made BEFORE their abilities were announced.

And Arachnophobes ability to help him get around like Goliath’s Leap, or Wraiths Warp is.

Movement String: Shoots a web a medium-short distance. And pulls Arachnophob to where the web landed. Can only be used once, before a cool down is needed.

Appearance: Arachnophob, is a giant spider scorpion hybrid. His head is a bit smaller than his body, and has 8 giant eyes, with lizard like pupils. He has 2 claws. which are black… His hole body, is black and scaly. And he has a giant tail. At the top are two scorpion stingers.

And that’s about it, for Arachnophob. I hope you liked the idea. (you probably don’t, and think his stupid though).


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