Another DLC hate video


This won’t help tbh :confused: Take Two boss Strauss Zelnick, who oversees Evolve publisher 2K Games, thinks all that outrage over confusing DLC plans is a good thing. Really!


Does anyone besides me just want Evolve to release already so we can stay away from these sites and all this negativity and just enjoy the game?


Well, if people have evolve on the brain and then see the major game review outlets “prove” them wrong, they will likely go from ignorant critics to potential customers. Sometimes negative press ends up being the best press.

Think about those annoying commercials that you hate but they stick in your head. They do their job more effectively than the tame commercial that you forget about shortly afterwards.


Personally I’m just waiting for the game and couldn’t care less about some hate videos and reviews, 'cause my game is pre-ordered and will play and enjoy it no matter what others say and I know there would be enough other people to play with.


Jesus she can’t even get the most basic information right.


Started watching that video, heard “can it really be called a controversy if it’s all negative?” aaaand done.


If you want to stop seeing these types of videos - Stop linking to them and helping their viewcount.


Thought the same thing. What defines “universally?” I see plenty of people defend it (me among them, though I’d probably not be as positive if the maps were to cost – ahh, who am I kidding, I’m a fanboy; I’d just wait until I could afford them). This is going to be a non-troversy on 2/11. Even the “official” criticisms have been pretty tame. IGN were basically like, “Meh, what’re ya gonna do?” The comments section outrage is definitely way over-blown (and rather arrogant in many cases), and I know they hate to hear it, but it smacks of an ‘I deserve this because I deserve this’ kind of attitude. (Not interested in the “We’re not entitled, we just want to be respected as consumers” argument anymore, thank you.)

Anyhow, I expect this flap will disappear virtually overnight; buy the DLC, don’t buy the DLC, no one really gives a shit, you don’t need it. Period. The game speaks for itself.


Farnsworth: Oh, fuff! He’s not causing any trouble. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m rather busy. I seem to have mislaid my alien mummy. [He picks a small box and opens it. It is empty.] This sarcophagus should contain the remains of Emperor Nimballa, who ruled Zuban 5 over 29 million years ago.
[Fry walks past the lab eating the mummy.]
Fry: Hey, Professor, great jerky!
Farnsworth: My God, this is an outrage! I was going to eat that mummy!


I need to watch futurama again


"Well, I had a passing interest in this game. Was debating on getting it, but after hearing about this crap. Yeah, screw it. I’m gonna go play some actual completed games instead. "

The reviewer should feel ashamed for spreading misinformation.


Figured you’re a fan considering your avatar. :grimacing:


I’m right there with you, though unlike you i still have a lot to do in the app so that is buying me time and staving off the Evolve hunger.

Also just to comment on this dlc thing for once. Why is everyone making it out to be more complicated than it is. just ugh . . .


I love how these people are just interpreting the statement to make it look like someone wants to do something evil, while it basically says “Yeah, controversy does create popularity. Feel free to debate about our business model, but we’re delivering a good game and your hate won’t change that.”

Welp, one more channel to never subscribe to.



That video was AWESOME, it was FREE ADVERTISING for EVOLVE.

What did they discuss that was supposedly negative, the DLC & Pre-Order offers!

What did they not discuss nor state that it was negative, THE GAMEPLAY! Why, because it’s FRIGGIN AWESOME!

Read between the lines, they LOVE EVOLVE like us but dislike the way it was offered.



I posted this among other things I might of also implied that anyone who can’t understand that without needing a graph probably rides the shortbus but I honestly don’t understand how people think you need a graph when all the versions do is add more onto the next. :grimacing:

Base game = 12 hunters + 3 monsters
Pre order bonus = + 1 monster(behemoth) + 1 skin(savage goliath)
Hunting Season Pass = 4 Hunters + 3 Skins (magma)
Digital Deluxe = Base Game + Hunting Season Pass
PC Monster Race = Digital Deluxe + Fifth Monster + 2 Hunters + 4 limited time exclusive skins


lol We know what it includes, that’s not really the topic of conversation.

But thanks for clearing that, maybe a few newbies might not understand.


This is a very unique looking game that will interest people to do some research, especially since they hear it everywhere from all the paid reviewers forced to read from someone else’s script that provokes negativity. A lot of people already know that big “reviewers” are a joke, so I would expect them to do their own research and stop listening to these puppets. It’s amazing how many people are only swayed by one man’s opinion, especially little kids, so maybe it’s a good thing these reviews exist so we can see less of them.

When they learn what the DLC actually is, and why it’s done like that, hopefully it changes their view of the game. This whole thing with misinformation is just getting out of hand. Funny how this is all happening so close to release. What a strange coincidence. Hopefully I’m done replying to threads about reviews. This is getting crazy.


Lol Dude, you know you don’t have to reply right? But I like that you feel the need to take it upon yourself to make people understand, that’s cool.


Thanks for understanding.