Another Community Challenge! Bucket Sentry Guns (Main Goal: Completed!)

Ive called him ca- ca- cabagge

i already know what the next challenge will be its either val tranqing or something with parnell

I’ll die for you my lord

You better place me well guys, I don’t like being next to other turrets, OK?


Eek. That doesn’t sound like the usual good day 1 progress. I want the skin for Sunny :frowning:

Who wants to do some marathon Bucketing?

I’ll like to share a thread I created that gives tips for Bucket, so you guys can play him well and have fun.

Started early for this challenge today! got my goliath voodoo skin and getting bucket’s predator skin too! Going to watch Evolve livestream today!:slight_smile: Thank you again TRS! More challenges and more skins please!

Id like a markov challenge

its actually not too bad although it sounds like a bit. I think the average on xbox games is 5600 or something, if we take 5000 per game as a number than 500 games gives us 2.5 million already, and that’s not many games between the community. Particularly if people lock down on a defend map I think this one will be the easiest yet. And then theres a dev update a touch lower down from you saying we’ve already hit 30 and that’s only a day in. :smiley: so great

I think they generally give the lesser played characters the challenges so they have lots of data to help improve their pick rate.

Has it started yet? It’s already the weekend over here in Malaysia.

7:17 AM
Saturday, April 18, 2015 (GMT+8)

Yes, it started at least 12 hours ago.

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Yes, the event has started.

good. 140char

Is this strictly damage done to the monster, or all damage in general?

To monster

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Whoah. Well, for the sake of this challenge i will commit myself to bucket. Thanks Quirkly.

No prob bob :bucket_salute:
(Hue, relevance)

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Ill make sure to spread the word to anyone i play with who doesnt use bucket as a support.

Haha I love this challenge. I’ve been slaughtering bucket teams left and right at stage 1 because no one will stay with his headless body at the start of the match. XD

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