Another Community Challenge! Bucket Sentry Guns (Main Goal: Completed!)

Respect to the tin man. He’s a serious damage dealer with the turrets if played right. I hope we get it :slight_smile:

Wow I made so much dmg in one match with the sentries. The goliath player was really good and killed us in the end but it was a good fight. Never saw a Goliath staging up so fast. He was stage 2 while we landed.

:joy: my face when I read Bucket and viable in one sentence.
No unless he gets his kit changed or his turrets get some long range buff vs Kraken.

Knew that solo games count
I knew it!!!

As long as he got the cloak, he will always be useful!
Now, if only Cabot and Sunny didn’t have a near-if-not-higher DPS than him and that even Hank didn’t do more damage than him in total… But that UAV, now that’s the stuff!

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actually, of the supports, Bucket now does the most damage as reported by MacMan. pictures in a moment with an edit for you :slight_smile:

a link to that post as well for you

People need to lay off the tryhard attitude for one weekend and just allow Bucket some screentime, it’s a good way for TRS to gather telemetry and see where he stands, they love telemetry, so let’s give it to them. Does it take solo games into the data aswell?


The in game news feed mentions nothing about the Bucket challenge, after two full games of Evacuation I literally didn’t see a single Bucket.

Then I tried playing as him myself just to be thrown into a team that just stared at each other like complete idiots until my UAV spotted the monster, who of which was a Kraken. 1,598 damage contributed, pathetic.
I am not taking part in this challenge, not as a Hunter anyway.

I know, I know, but that chart is across all levels. And more importantly, it’s among all “skill levels”.
Bucket’s turrets do ok damage for a support if your aim is terrible/average.
However, a player with a really good aim can do equal, or atleast very close to as much damage with any other support than a good Bucket player can, and they got more utility to make up for that little difference.

As an example me, I’m average about 5k orbital damage and 5k laser damage against your average pub monster, and that’s while shielding. As Sunny I do about 9k, and she brings alot of utility at the side. I have not played Cabot since the nerf(fix), but his rail cannon is still a beast, even with body shots alone. As Bucket I do around 5k damage with the turrets, and about 5k with the launcher.

I’m sure some of you average on even higher numbers, and it also depends on which map and which stage the monster gets to. When I play with friends we usually either catch the monster right off the bat, or end it on stage 2.
But, as an example, on Barracks you can do CRAZY ammounts of damage on the relay as Bucket if the monster get to stage three, as it’s very easy to keep the monster in range of all five turrets.

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i generally do around 3k damage to S1, 6k to S2, and on the rare S3 players i can get anywhere from 7k to 15k depending on situational stuff… ofc i love Bucket the most out of all and i’m usually trying to do other things with other supports instead of damage and Bucket is all about damage against Utility.

I asked MacMan for damage charts mirroring the winrate charts he posted so we can have an idea of damage across all levels of gameplay xD

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Does anyone know if minions or second monster counts as damage to the monster? if so just play some defend and this will be done in no time

I don’t believe so. That would mean hunt or rescue are the most viable options. Defend would mean that the damage is being shared with the minions.

New skins!? And for Sunny!? Lets do this!!!

Just making this pin global so it comes up on the front page - everyone should know about a Bucket Challenge!

:bucket: :bucket_cute: :bucket_salute:


i realy would like to know if damage on wildlife, minions and eggs count to…
i hope (and think) they do.

on facebook they said just monsterdamage so it is realy hard to get all the four skins

As a Bucket enthusiast this pleases me.

I’ll be sure to do my part.


Any chance we can get a progress bar for this? I’m also putting in a lot of Bucket hours this weekend to help out, really want that full Support skin package.

Now don’t thank me too fast guys, but I just added 15000 damage to the total. I know, it’s ok… you’re welcome.

Yep, it says damage to monsters in the main page on the official site too, that doesn’t usually include anything but the monster player.

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Agreed, I bought Sunny’s, Torvald’s, and Val’s predator skins. I am now holding off on buying any skins, especially the remaining Predator skins in store, until the other two classes have had their respective Predator skin challenges. I’m still waiting on an answer as to whether those who bought the skins get a refund or if they are just out of the money, in my case a grand total of $5.97.

@SlinkyGuy, could we please get a difinitive yea or nay on this matter?

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