Another Community Challenge! Bucket Sentry Guns (Main Goal: Completed!)


Can’t wait. Bucket is my least played, but that’s gonna change…

Bucket community challenge
Free Support Skin Challenge
Bucket's challenge. Lets play on defend
About the Bucket Challenge
The Bucket Weekend challenge!
Everyone play Solo with Bucket!
I FINALLY Have Every Character (Hunter/Monster) Elite!
Bucket's challenge skin
Update event
Free Support Skin Challenge
So, no Bucket skin for Gobi ?.. )=
How much dmg has the community done as Bucket yet?
Regarding buying skins (Psn)
Did we make the Bucket challenge?
Did we make it ? (challenge)
Bucket weekend, and why you can't complain

Love You so much TRS…Keep up the Amazing Work


this one sounds pretty hard. 350 million damage with sentry guns? wow


It’ll happen! We haven’t failed one yet.


I hope this time more Players will READ this xD


Yeah, same here.


Good to see Bucket get some love. May not be the most useful of support but he is a great set up character. I’ll do my best to help the community!


Only 350 mil? Thats nothin
Ill be sure to play plenty of behemoth, soak up all that damage real nice ^.^


I actually get more free time this week, so I’m gonna be playing nothing but bucket

And I’ll tell everyone I meet in game to do the same


Sorry Sunny. :cry: I’m gonna have to take a break from you. :sob: It’s only for the weekend, then ill come right back!



I’m more happy that means I won’t get so much Sunny spam this weekend, yay!


Amazing…New Maggie Arctic Skin Event…New real Evolve Weekend Event…Love this shit


SQUEEE, My bucket has an event! :bucket_cute:
Can’t wait! Let’s show these pro’s that bucket is still viable :bucket_salute:


Is it 200/350 Million or thousand?
Cause the image says thousand, but the text says million ?


Yo, can anyone post picture of the skin pack? Can’t seem to see it in the link provided.


Million I would imagine. I think we’ll hit both goals.


Maybe this will open up people’s eyes who think Bucket is trash

Not as good as the other Support IMO, but still can be a game changer

Get the 15% damage perk and watch his turrets just melt monster health


The image looks like…First Goal is for Bucket Skins and Second Goal Skins for All supports


There you go!

Keep in mind guys, it’s actually millions, not hundreds of thousands.