Another Amazing Week of HGL Evolve Fun!


After another glorious week of Competitive Evolve fun we are coming back at you with 2 more tournaments this week and some rule changes. After gaining viable feedback from the community we noticed our rules were terribly outdated,so with your guys help we have updated them to a nice and strong set of rules.

So here are the changes:

Character pick system has changed to where Trapper is before monster pick and either Medic or Support can be chosen before or after the Monster pick


Characters can not be used twice in a round

Distillery and Wraith Trap has been added to the Map pool

Tournaments: Pro Farm Arm League #7 starts at 12:00 PM EST on Saturday August 27th

Amateur Far Arm League #3 starts at 1:00 PM EST on Sunday August 28th


Can u post a twitch link for watching those tournaments?! Thanks for organizing :wink:


I like the picking order change.

When you say round, do you mean match? Like a 3o5? or 5o7? Because I always thought a round was just a single game.

So… do we pick maps now? Or do we just do Orbital > Weather > Distillery > Wraith Trap. Most of the matches were just alternating Orbital and Weather before.


A match is a set of BO5 or 7 games that takes place in a round. A game is just a game. But anyhow yes I mean match. And for maps teams will agree on 2 maps and mirror them for a BO5 and for a BO7 teams will agree on 3 and mirror them.