Annoying matchmaking antics needs to be addressed


Putting 3 monsters preference player in same lobby result in 2 of them leaving just after match start leavign 2 hunters and 2 bots this makes experience bad for monter and hunters…

eitehr dont put monsters in same lobby or discourage players from leaving lobby if they dont get what they want add some sort of penalty…

we haev 25K player base now … you cant tell low player count as excuse for putting 3 monster players in same lobby :stuck_out_tongue:
hope you guys fix this soon


I thought it was supposed to be so you got the “best” match. That includes things like Ping, Preference, Level ect.


probably but if the end result is bad experience, andf players leaving lobby after match start then shoudnt they rethink preferences?


Not really, it’s a balancing act. If you want preference, especially Monster, play Ranked. Not only are you guaranteed Monster, you are also more likely to run into more fair matches.

Hunt is supposed to be more casual which is why there are no penalties for leaving.


so till level 20 ill frustrate more ppl by leaving after match starts jus tcoz i want to roll around as bob … ok im doing it then :stuck_out_tongue: