Annoyance with AI while chasing


I just had a really frustrating game where I was support and we were constantly on the monster’s tail but the AI maggie was lagging about 50m behind almost all the time and the few times she would catch up you’d hear her shooting frigging harpoon traps. That happened several times until I finally switched to her and domed the monster in like 30 seconds only to find that support had gotten downed…

Switched back to support, fought the monster and we began chasing again. When we tagged the monster and were right on him I switched to trapper again and then support went down a minute later fighting with a sloth. We domed it, I switched back to support (now with 2 strikes) and we got monster to 2 bars of health. When the final showdown happened I domed it a third time right as I was pulling out arena my support went full dead.

There are a lot of times where I’ve been gritting my teeth with friends because when the trapper is a bot is is significantly more difficult than say a bot support or assault.

Also not the exact same problem but similar, it would be great if bots tried to get away from dangerous things more. There’s been times when we’re right on the monster and all jump over a megamouth and I just have to stop and wait for the bot to run directly into it, shoot them out of it, then often they will begin engaging until it’s dead while the monster escapes. Even worse is when they pick a fight with a sloth which then obviously destroys them.

For the most part, and in combat the bots are fine. Bot monsters I’ve never had any issue with either. Just was frustrated enough in the previous 20 minute game to write this post so here it is.