Announcement to all Players..Haters and Devs!


Please read this. I know some of you will skip it but take your time. It will help…hopefully

Ok I dont know where to start to be honest but I give it a try. Hopefully this will reach out to the people how hate this game, built this game and love this game.

On YouTube, on Twitter, on Facebook, on GooglePlus. People are everywhere, People listen to everything and People believe every reasonable information they get. I’m not a huge Fanboy, I’m not a Hater, I’m not even in the middle of this two things. I’m not calling Games (like Evole) “brilliant” or a “waste of time”. I’m probably the most casual player you will ever meet.

But recently I’ve read a lot of reviews, comments, articles about this game, Evolve. I tried to understand why people hate this game or love it. And mainly (YouTube, Steam) I read negative comments. So, well I was confused, becasue I m playing the game and it’s fun. People claim about DLC policy, progression systems, and OP monsters. They hate Evolve. So I asked myself…what could be wrong? what did TRS wrong? So I collect tons of information, figured out whats wrong and came to a point where i realised that all the Hate/Love is just superficial. Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to insult you, everyone is superficial, we can’t change that and I’m superficial in a lot of ways. But thats not the point. The point I’m trying to make is that people don’t dignify the work that is put into things.
Example: I’m really proud about my essay and I think it s worth an A…however my teacher gives me a C. Because he didnt like my story. I put so much effort in the essay…tried to fullfil my text…tried to do my best! But the teacher can’t see the effort I was putting in. He didn’t like the story.

Now, I’m not trying to push the Game (Evolve) up or down, I’m trying to show everyone from a neutral point of view the realitiy.

The people who had the idea for this game worked for nearly 5 years, constantly. They gathered information, produced animations and now, well now they get to hear what the world thinks of it. This game might not be the most perfect piece of work but it’s pretty close. The people working on this game worked a big part of their life, lets say 5% of their lifetime on this game, thinking about ideas to improve it. They did it obviously for a lot of reasons and some might say it is money…well it s always money.
It is not about the game …it s about the effort people put into this. This people created something that makes people happy. They fullfilled something that AngryJoe could never achieve, they made people happy, cheerful, gladsome.

12 Hunters and 3 Monsters…most people sadly dont know how much work it takes to creat 15 different playable characters…most think it s easy, it is definitly not…

All the negative Reviews just ruin the gamers. They all might say it s a bad dlc policy they can even say it is just a bad game but not even one of them dignifys the work and the effort that is put into this big project. They just see the superficial side, they give view of something everyone knows…

So, to get to an end…
Please just forget about the fact that this is all about this one game. It s about the hard working, the ambitious working people who deserve more than just clapping, they deserve positive comments.
There are always people who hate a game, who love the game and thats alright…but dignify the effort people are doing. Prize them…they definitly deserved it.
This is about every piece of hard work, not just evolve, and hopefully my message reaches everyone (even AngryJoe).

Please stop trying to discredit something people were ambitiously working on, . Once a day it could be your project that is getting hated and I think even the smallest projects should deserve a like

Thanks (and sry if I offended you)


Here is the problem.

They are charging people a lot of money for what they created so per consumer rights, we have a right to complain about something we spent hard earned money on.

Now if they were giving the game away for free then you would be correct but once you start charging money you should be critiqued, it is good for the players to put forth their opinions and good for the developers to understand what people do or do not like about their game.

So it is about more than just a piece of hard work, it is about giving paying people something they like.


I definitely appreciate your enthusiasm and optimism, but here in America, 45% of people are On The Fence about evolution, and 60% read at a 6th grade level. There are so many other ridiculous statistics, but that gets into political stuff and issues of faith, and this is the wrong place for all of that, heh. Point being, people do not like to have their world view challenged, and are more prone to argue their position rather than open their minds to a different point of view. It’s a little thing called Confirmation Bias that the Internet has, sadly, done nothing but reinforce. :pensive:


Yeah, indie developers work hard as well if not harder. The difference is they tend not to get a ton of money for their amazing products.