Animes that look like western cartoons

I need some anime that clearly are in the style of a western cartoon or have a clear influence.

My mind is drawing blanks but I know they exist. Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Its for a debate, I have been challenged to prove that eastern cartoons and western cartoons are no different other than art style.

Actually they often are, because there is a huge culture difference between the east and the west.
Japan is a whole lot “generous” when it comes to sexual topics, but sex itself is very taboo, while western have no problems implying sex but “fan service” is more frown upon.

Blood and genitals(not detailed, of course, but clearly there) in shows meant for children isn’t uncommon in japan.

Also, you will find more animals with human features, rather than human characters in western animation.

I know that. But my argument in this debate is that modern anime was influenced by the works of Disney, like Donald Duck and later the more life like wokrs like Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. I’m looking for examples that are easily traceable back to these origins.

Ah, I see, that makes more sense.
I know a couple of mangas that takes a lot of inspiration (and refers) to western literature and pop-culture movies, so finding something inspired by Disney shouldn’t be hard to find.

I think this might be a lost cause. He refuses to acknowledge my use of Astro Boy, even though Osamu Tezuka (the reason we have anime like it is today) saying that he Disney and western animation was his biggest influence.

Call him a fool for being unable to understand that the best artists draw inspiration from all over the world.

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I think this counts. maybe idk

That is the art style of the anime of jojo’s bizarre adventure.