Anime Thread


I will be making this thread for the best anime that you have ever encountered!

First, I will list off my favorite anime, rate them, and tell you some of the plot!

My most recently watched anime, and quite possibly my favorite would be "The Fruit of Grisaia"
The name of the show differs on what season you are on, 1st being named “The Fruit of Grisaia” and the 2nd named “The Eden of Grisaia”

This story is based off of a man that goes to a “Regular” School. This man has a secret background he has been hiding for a long time, and that also goes for many of the other girls that go to that school.
Currently 2 seasons.
This story has a very interesting plot, and occasionally shows breasts and gore, so viewer discretion is advised for this anime.

Next up, Highschool DxD

Mild sexual themes, but a fantastic story line are involved in this anime.
Now, there is actually no hanky panky.

This story is based of a highschool boy with his hormones acting up. He perishes from a fallen angel, and is taken up in Rias Gremory’s household, where her family of devils live. Issei is impowered with a very strong weapon known as the Red Dragon Emperor.
Currently 3 seasons, the 4th in the making.
Despite many Religious views that I have, this anime was great when you put everything past you and is one of my favorites.

please leave other great recommendations here! Thanks!


Monster Musume! Rachnera is best girl!


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