Anime Recommendations pls


Hey guys, i was hoping someone out there could direct me to a good anime. Looking for an animated one (not manga)

Preferably it should include most of these themes:
-Well Driven and written story
-Action and overall interesting combat
-Thriller and suspenseful themes with unique characters
-Mature topics of either philosophy or overall themes of the show

I’ve already seen (and liked) ;
-Death note
-Fullmetal Alchemist (brotherhood)
-One piece
-Psycho Pass
-Attack on titan

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I’d really appreciate any recommendations :smiley:

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Noragami is a very funny/cool/epic one, centered on japanese mythology and gods. 12 episodes, 2 oavs, soon a second season…

Otherwise… Hmm…

Oh, yeah, of course : you liked Death Note ?
Welcome to the side of those who also watched Code Geass !

I can also recommend Blood-C, even if episode after episode it justifies more and more why there’s “blood” in the title… to the point where even the show seems to deliberately exagerate it.
However you’ll for sure get a great story, the kind where you think “Hmm,… there’s something wrong…Is it a dream in a dream ?”

And I’d describe combats in this anime with this word : “Kakoi” . You feel the tension, you appreciate the silence before it starts, it takes its time before engaging and finally finishing in one epic strike.
See ? ^^

What else…

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Well, those are all entry level stuff that you have watched.

Maybe try some less known but very good stuff.

For series I would go:
Baccano! - well written, alright action, great characters
Haibane Renmei - fantastic characters and themes
Hyouka - eh, my personal choice, interesting characters and themes
Katanagatari - weird characters, fantastic dialogue and humor, nice action scenes
Kill la Kill - Over the top action
Kino no Tabi - watch it for the characters and story
Mahou Shojo Madoka Magica - interesting story and themes… very interesting story and themes
Crest of the Stars - google the order of watching, there are few series, i love this space opera
Tatami Galaxy - awesome characters, great themes
Terror in Resonance - good story

For movies I would go:
Akira - cult film, great soundtrack and animation, real piece of history
Ghost in the Shell - one more classic, can’t get more philosophical than this, also great action
Little Witch Academia - watch it for fun
Redline - fabulous animation, over the top adrenaline scenes, much fun, watch with bunch of friends and laugh your ass off
Sword of the Stranger - great animation, music and fight scenes
Pretty much anything from Miyazaki Hayao (and Ghibli studio in general), Satoshi Kon, Mamoru Hosoda, Yasuhiro Yoshiura. These guys know how to make a movie.


Blue Exorcist
Wolf’s Rain
…that’s all I got :stuck_out_tongue:


Future Diary!

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I really liked Hyouka too, but there’s not combat at all in it ^^
That’s not what he asked for !

Baccano! is a good choice yeah !
A bit hard to understand and follow the stories first, but it’s awesome for sure.

After ***Baccano!***, even if it’s not exactly related and a different genre, why not trying Durarara! ?..
Very cool story too, funny, unique characters and some epic scenes as well !
It’s really the kind of anime which likes showing something, then showing the same thing but from another point of view and Then you finally realize what’s really happening.

I approve Katanagatari.
Very very unique style, but cool dialogues for sure, to say the least.

Kill la kill may lack of … “seriousness” ?.. ^^

And finally, yeah, Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
Of course it is awesome. That is typically the kind of pearl people surely often pass by… and what a shame !
You really need to complete it to realize how incredible and deep it is.

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I agree with @Marvelous_Jared Mirai Nikki(future diary) is amazing!! I have seen some good recommendations, but I’d like to add Hunter x Hunter!! One of my favourite animes!!! If you liked Naruto, then you’re going to love Hunter x Hunter! Also, I’m currently watching Kill la Kill, it’s awesome too :smile:


Soul Eater
Magi, has two seasons. Magi the labyrinth of magic and the kingdom of magic.


If a good “plot” is what you’re looking for, Kill La Kill is what you want. :wink:


The first anime that came to my mind that fulfilled your criteria (and that you haven’t watched before) is Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It’s got a great story, it certainly has its action scenes and suspense, and it definitely has some philosophical themes in it. Admittedly, there may not be as much action as you’d like (fights tend to be over in minutes rather than entire episodes), but given how good the show is I think it’d definitely be worth watching. (Just be sure to watch at least 3 episodes before judging it.)


I did say to watch it for characters and themes, never mentioned action, I am sure OP can figure it out. I guess his thinking process is some sort of action if you look at it. It sure can get tense in Hyouka.

If he likes it, then yeah, after Baccano I definitely suggest Durarara, basically the same anime in a different setting. I just didn’t want to suggest anything ongoing.

Kill la Kill is just what I said… over the top action. When something is “over the top” it means it’s not even trying to be serious.

[quote=“castem, post:10, topic:67858”]
Admittedly, there may not be as much action as you’d like (fights tend to be over in minutes rather than entire episodes)
[/quote]I would say that actions scenes in Madoka Magica are very short but very… artsy. They are well worth watching.

And please people, stop suggestion Future Diary, it has neither good story nor good characters. It’s basically just an insane girl killing people for stupid reasons.


Well, don’t misunderstand me : I loved Kill la kill.

But, I keep see people recommending it here despite it’s very VERY different from what the author has already watched.

And, believe me or not, people who don’t like Kill la kill exist…
I’m just afraid that doesn’t really fit his search standard.

Yeah, Mirai Nikki
I’ve hesitated to put it on my post too.
Didn’t want to throw a wild yandere to an innocent evolve forumer simply seeking for some animes ^^
But one of my favorite animes ever =p
Great plot, tension, action scenes… PINK…


Kill la Kill’s major downfall is that the characters that we know and love usually just get plotrolled because plot.

They do awesome fight transformations, but then the battles last 30 seconds before they get curb stomped.

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We can suggest whatever we want friend and thank you for sharing your opinion about the anime, but let me remind you that opinions are not facts. I loved Mirai Nikki and I could start a discussion explaining why I loved it and why I think it’s a very good anime, but I’m sleepy and I don’t want to derail the thread. Goodnight friend :smile:


I recently accepted the fact that people, even very kind and cool and whatever good you want people, may totally dislike animes I totally loved.

That is neither a reason to hate them, neither a reason to fear sharing animes we personnally liked !
It’s worth give a try.

Peace and love ^^


Hey @Sentry_Gun how do you quote other posts?


Just select the text that you want to quote and the option to quote will appear :smile:


Beck MCS: Anime about a group of kids forming an indie rock band.

Terror In Resonance: Too difficult to explain easily but very very good.

No Game No Life

Kuroko No Basket: Basketball anime. I used to think sports anime were silly but this one changed my mind.

Hajime No Ippo: Boxing anime. I never heard of it before I watched it and not it’s one of my favorites!


Not sure if that works on my phone.


You have great taste, Yato would be proud.