Animation weapon skins


I would like to see animation weapon skins available for the Hunter classes. Example: Gears of war 3 and judgement. This can be sold individually and in a bundle pack. I’m aware this is not tactical but would be cool to equip during gameplay for shear enjoyment. Feel free to comment community. @MacMan


I hated them animated skins on Gears 3 and Judgement, looks too unrealistic… I also hated Judgement.


Sorry but the whole game of Evolve is unrealistic so i’m sure unrealistic camo’s wont change that fact!

i agree with the OP animated camo’s are a nice touch and make you feel like the gun is your precious little baby.


True, but I believe there is a sense of realism to it as well.

Animated skins are just tacky in my opinion and distracting. Gears was a third person shooter so the gun is not right in your face, but having a continuously animating skin would be annoying.


I’d just be thrilled with full body hunter skins.


Never seen the animated skins. Didn’t play GoW2, or Judgement.


Yeah please post a picture so we can see an example, or a link.


Some of Call of duties animated camo’s are nice especially the blue one in Advanced warefare. some nice animated camos from cod my favourite one being at 2:39s the lighting camo


Yeah, I don’t play CoD. Same game every release it seems.


Fun franchise to play. Been play Gears of War since launch of the franchise. Not everyone game style but the art work was a sight to behold. Story is great on my opinion and fun factor is on point. I enjoyed it. Check YouTube for animated weapons skins for part three and full bodied animation skins in Judgement.


This is just an example. I enjoyed them. Thought it would be cool for the customizing the hunter classes.


Any type of lightening one i love,there should be at least 1 animated one in evolve i think.


I think if they can keep with the immersion of the game they would be very cool to have. Ie no logos or rainbow.