Animation skins for monsters


I would like to see animation skins for the monters. Example : Like the full body skins in gears of war judgement. Skins now individually are $2.99 so $3.99 would not be a bad start. A bundle pack would be nice as well. Im aware this is not tactical but this would be for shear fun being the monster and hunting the monster. Feel free to comment on this topic community. @MadMan


Not sure what you mean by this.

Closest thing I’ve got to that.


This is the best visual example I could find. Maybe we have the same kind of effect in mind through out the body of the monster or maybe not.


Some of them are interesting.


Haha, again like the animated weapon skins idea you had I don’t think animated skins for the monster would work. Would kind of give it away for a monster that is trying to sneak around the map.


Some people like skins that give them away. It depends on your playstyle. Why do you think some wear the Gold Skins and such?


I guess you have a point there. Ignore me, I’m just speaking from my grumpy opinion :stuck_out_tongue:


No worries, you’re welcome to your opinion.


Its just a suggestion. I did include this would not be tactical in my post. It’s just an option to further enhance the fun factor of one’s play style. Gold Skins are not tactical and they are ment to be fun. If this was implemented in Evovle at least you have the option not to purchase a animated skin. Kinda like a cereal with or without marshmallow’s. You have choices lol.


Yeah I know you have the choice dude. I’m just being grumpy. Would definitely be fun and add a bit of variety to the monster. :thumbsup:


While on the topic for skins of monster I would like to thank TRS and 2K for the Goliath voodoo skin event. Great job community. We are three for three for skins events :trophy::trophy::trophy:.


Get working on Bucket then. ^.^
Lots of turret damage is needed.


Wow, I just got all sorts of ideas in my head now.

Kraken with flicks of electricity darting across his skin.
Wraith with a writhing texture, like she’s full of maggots or something.
Goliath with pulsing red glow like he’s ready to burst with flames.


disco ball skin HYPE!


I don’t know, that ocean skin would work great in rainy levels. I guess it all depends on the stage/monster and whether or not the weather effect was on.


I’m going to play as much as I can. I hope we all go hard and hit both goals. 200 million for the support skins and 350 million for predator skins as well. Let’s get this people’s!!!