Animated monster goliath background


Hello guys, so ive been playing evolve like a month already and i really enjoyed it, when i first opened the game i remember it was still the animated goliath menu screen in the background and it was really epic!! I just wonder if idk, is it possible to make that animated goliath as my animated desktop background?? I just really love it and want it pretty bad! :blush::blush: just bravo on the artists who made this, and ofcourse the other monsters. So on my question, is it really possible? I would really love to make it as my animated wallpaper :smile::smile:

idk if this is offtopic in the thread? I just chose the monster thread so, idk im sorry if this is offtopic


It’s okay, I fixed your topic.

@GentlemanSquirl, @mizx, @Insane_521, is it possible to help this guy?


On there were a few pars like that that are gone now.

For instance. The monsters had animated models before while you chose them.

There was also aomething right off the main menu, but thats been used for animated backdrops like ReneGabe.

Of course there was that quick lil animated short, Stage 2 though nixed it for faster get in the game load times.

Where any of these sim to what your asking?


The main menu just like the Renegabe ma friend :smile:
I just happen to saw this one on how to make your desktop background animated , When I saw the evolve (Main menu animated Goliath) it was really epic, I just wonder if I could also use the same process like how the guy did to his desktop background (the link I just pasted) :smile:

if I could just extract it and find the exact file of it (if its still there) that would be great :smile:


Damn cool find on the avi-wallpaper trick, i’m now invested in this thread with you. Devs made such pretty menu screens for all of the character but they removed them to make the game smaller. It’d be cool if they took them out of the legacy vault and uploaded them somewhere.


EXACTLY MATE , thanks, imagine a stage 3 goliath roaring in your desktop how cool is that :blush: I already have deskscape downloaded im actually prepared for this :smile:
BTW I also saw this one, but its from the old Evolve which is the meteor Goliath main menu screen pretty sure its also the same animation as the Goliath animation menu screen in our Evolve stage 2 its jsut so really epic :smile:


So I was browsing some cool animated wallpapers, I suddenly thought about the game Overwatch :slight_smile: I also admire their cool cartoonic characters. Actually they are my current desktop wallpapers right now :slight_smile: so back to my point, I was thinking maybe Turtle rock studios should also make some awesome character selection too like this where each and every hunter or monster faces if you click them, there will be an animated 3D looped video will appear in the background :smiley: and ofcourse the character’s description and abilities maybe :slight_smile:

THAT WOULD BE GREAT so that we could also extract that loop video and make it as our desktop
animated background :slight_smile: just like the renegabe Main menu screen , or the old ANIMATED GOLIATH MAIN MENU SCREEN from our evolve game :slight_smile:


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THanks bruh :smile:


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