Animated Mini Series!


A lot of people have mentioned an evolve movie. I personally would like to see an animated mini series. I think it’d be easier to make and would do the universe more justice. It could 16 episodes with short back stories for each Hunter. I especially would like to see Torvald being ripped to shreds and then repairing himself. Then I’d like to see Slim’s mutation! Is there anything specific you guys would like to see?


Would have to be on HBO due to Hyde’s mouth! lol :hyde:


It could be a web series!


I would watch anything Evolve.


Daisy would look so cute with big ol cartoon eyes!


would love to see

egoraptor, ross, gonzo, nevarky on that!


Might be more intresting to focus it on the monsters. After all, the main cast has a lot of backstory to them.


I love ego raptor but I mean a serious series. His art is really comedic. And it’d probably take him 7 years to make the whole thing.


That would be boring. The monsters don’t speak and I don’t think TRS plans on explaining their origins. Reading lore on the forums and hearing snippets of stories on the drop ship couldn’t compare to fully animated back stories.