Animated badges


Every post in forums is about how bad the players were in stream and how weak behemoth looked…

Well I just wanted to point out that animated badge at start of stream was adorable and can’t wait to see the rest ^.^


ANIMATED BADGE!? watttttttt


GhostRobo had a badge that blinked @Rapterror


Like… A monster or hunter who’s eyes blinked? That’s amazeballs. I can’t wait for it to be posted on youtube.


Wishes w/closed eyes Please show me an animated trapjaw badge…please…please…please…please…


I’m wondering what the deal with that is, like was it from Observer mode. It looked like animated eyes on a camera drone or something


I have two theroeys
1- rewarded for using observer mode (I doubt)

2- one of the badges from crow mastery… Since gobi sees all


Oooooorrrrr they are just amazing and add them to ALL hunters! (One can only dream…)


OR animated badges were revealed by a dev in "“Tier 4 Hunters Revealed,” and were said to be unlocked by mastering the new hunters and monster.

The animated badge from the stream appeared to be one of Bucket’s sentry guns, but because he’s not T4 then I assume it’s Sunny’s shield drone (singular, as in you can only have one drone out at a time).


Psshhhht your no fun… Haha jk


Yeah. I saw it in stream. Blinking robot eye.


I want Parnell’s dragon to move. I don’t want a new badge. O.o


I’m not hyped. They are probably OP.

In case of poe’s law…


Me too! Even if the old badges just sparkled or had dripping drool.


I demand Fire breathing Goliath badge, that would make Quirkly teh happy


Baby Goliath like in the stream xD

Or daisy licking


Theres so much stuff and things coming out with all this new stuff, my mind cant handle it all


I was watching a steam of someone who has press release, it comes from mastering sunny. One of the other ones you get is the same robot, but instead of an eye, it switches between a smiley face and a frowny face


You get the badge from sunnys mastery . Its a shield drone bot


If i wanted a new badge i would like a pooping glaciopod , a minion hatching from an egg , a planet splitting in half ,and a nuke detonating ANIMATED