Animal Genocide Gamemode


Can Turtle Rock make a game mode where all you do is kill trapjaws, reavers, nomads, and dune beetles. Those things are the bane of my existence.


What? No Mammoth Birds?


A few months back i mentioned a “gluttony” mode for the game…yet none bats an eye -_-


what is this gluttony mode?

And instead of genocide, it might work better to call it something like “Small Game” where hunters compete to rack up the score on animals. Something like First 5 kills determines your score. So if assault happens across a pack of trapjaws and floors them instead of moving on then that’s his score, but if the trapper gets 2 titans and few stragglers then likely the trapper will win due to the difficulty of the kill.


We’ve had a looooooooooooooooooooooot of people suggest similar things, so it’s hard to see them all. ^.^


Just play a solo custom game. Wildlife High, Map Perk Aggressive Wildlife and pick Aviary :smiley: Its like a mini zombie game.


Gluttony mode : a monster and a group of hunters seek out and kill special wild life while the monster tries to eat them . The perks you get from wildlife become randomized and will stack to make you more powerfull. And as the monster you want to prevent that with smell vision to find the special wildlife. In the end the two teams must fight using their perks too ther advantage. The special wild life si the result of bohrium gassing up through the grounnd. Which creates eradiated mutants that can harm you…brief summarry