Angry Birds


This topic is to talk about the Angry Nirds franchise! Talk about your favorite bird, game, or your least favorite of them. Were you addicted to the game? For how long? (between 2-3 months) What is your idea for an Angry Birds game? Here is a little song.

Also I have a simple idea for a new Angry Birds game. Soe of you may have heard of the game Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. It took the original game and turned it into a fun little FPS game. Maybe the same could happen to Angry Birds. Not sure how it would work but it would probably include actual humans. If the birds were guns it would be like this.
Red: Assult Rifle
Blue Bird: Shotgun
Yellow Bird: Sniper Rifle
Black Bird: Grenade Launcher
White Bird: Probably a heal weapon
Green Bird: Boomerang
Big Red Bird: Rocket Launcher
Orange Bird: Probably a useable item for a class to make a wall.