Anger levels critical! RE-INITIATE THE RHYME FACTOR!


Ladies and gentlemen… (And monsters as well)

Let’s face facts: I’m mad as hell.

I’ve watched the forums go from bad to worse…

…And so I think it’s time that I reapplied this curse.

And so let it be known, that it’s time for round two.

A rematch for the fun of me and you.

So let’s get it over with, say it with me this time.

Let’s force Mortalbound to continously rhyme.


It’s snowing on mt fuji?


ALAS, that’s the sign that the end times are near,

When my words are so overused, that the rhymes are unclear!

So no, it’s not snowing on top of mount fuji!

It’s time for the rhyming, a gift to you from me!


Green armadons.

Edit: am i doing ot right


No, you’re not, you’re all together wrong!

You need to find a way to RHYME with Armadon!

Like Tron, or lawn, or something about Prawns,

And remember, while you’re doing it, do it all in SONG!


I’m watching my wife play Lego Marvel Superheroes…go!


At what point did I indicate that this was show and tell?

Why is this turning so strange? What the hell?

I was informing the populace that I was rhyming again,

Not asking for frivolous statements to bend!


Rhyming is an art,
once gandalf said,
you should not fart,
from getting shot with a dart.



Well, it was worth a shot.


Gandalf was wise, but his words must be thought through,

As one does not rhyme wildly, but precisely when they intend to!


I agree my friend,

playing a game

get off my darn land,

and don’t forget my name.


What ho? A foe? Are you here for a show?



Gauntlets for whom ?


Prepare for your doom.


RrrrAAAIGH TAKE your grenades, and I toss em right back!
Ain’t nowhere you can run when Mort’s Rhymes start to stack!
Wanna prove me wrong, Dave? Now that I’d like to see,
since even King Kong ain’t got nothin on me.


I see you found the evolve rap,

now, hush mortal, time to take a nap…


Evolve is fun
the monster are cool
I like pie
and I failed poetry class ._.


That song is the reason why I decided to rhyme, when I did this whole thing the first time.


I see you humans are attempting to rhyme,

Now step back as bend both matter and time

To back to the forums when they were sub-lime

Not full of Bull-S*** and organized crime.


Glad youve watched it man,

btw, do you like ham xD ?

Because im about to slam a wraith,

and i need some fresh bait.


…Did you actually just try to rhyme Wraith and Bait?

The similarities there do not satiate…