If you could choose, would you be an angel or a demon? Personally, I would be a demon

Questions from @ROOST_er

Deamon, be a angel would be bieng boring, have to accept orders from other angels etc as a Deamon i can do what i want :stuck_out_tongue:


And I have my first recruit for my demon army


What does becoming an angel or demon entail?


demonic powers/magic and the ability to transform into your demon form.

Angelic powers/magic and the ability to transform into your own angelic form


Hm… Do I have to go through all the fucked up shit that happens in hell to become a demon? Or is it just like, “Poof, welcome to hell, you’re a demon now, have fun.”?


What exactly do u mean by " All the fucked up Shit". ExPlain


Well in Supernatural demons are souls that have lived in hell for a long enough time (and obviously, hell is painful, plus time moves slower there), iirc

I’d choose demon for the cooler looking cosmetic stuff


10 char


There can only be one god!


Same reason why I’m a demon


Lava baths, pitchforks up your ass, basically anything that happens to anyone in American Horror Story.

Hell is meant to be a place with lots of fire and re-murder and rape and stuff like that. I’d imagine that to become a sort of higher, more powerful demon, you’d have to endure that kind of stuff for awhile.


Nah, not for a demon…unless ur into that kind of stuff, which then I am no one to judge


Even the Bible indicates that there is more than 1 god within the first few pages.


I nominate MADDCOW as the one true god. He is the main protagonist of this forum anyway


Awww shucks. That being said, I don’t think I’m the main Protagonist :slight_smile: I’m just here for the food. And game of course.


False. Everyone knows that the main protagonist is @MacMan.


And Phil. They are co-founders :smiley:


Also, I’d probably go with angel. Sick angelic weapons made of pure light… Giant glowing wings… And to top it all off, a badass halo.


Phil is the deuteragonist(?). He’s not on here as much as Chris. At least, from what I’ve seen, that is.