And you thought one Wraith was bad. (2 Wraiths vs 4 Hunters bug)


Quite hilarious and devastating for the Hunters.

Woaaah, Double Wraith all the way!
Dude, what would happen if there were multiple monsters per game?

Judging from the assualts name, I think you’re the other wraith from this thread


I’m not that Wraith, I’m reposting from other sites to share it. It has been posted on Reddit/4chan already.


@SlabOmeat @MacMan


Haha that’s awesome :smiley:


New 2v4 mode confirmed.


Man double monster teamwork would be so fun, hope it’s a thing.


@plaff Check this out @michigan_ball


That was a massacre.


This NEEDS to be a game mode…it looks so much more fun.

Buff hunters by 100%, nerf monsters by 25%.


@Rapterror has seen this with two goliaths, it’s never nice.


Monster VS Monster mode pls!


lmao :smile: :+1:


I like the fact that two monsters can be supported by the engine. I also think that a monster VS monster challenge could work…not where one merely attacks the other for the win but a race towards some objective while hitting and running. Throw in 4 or more hunters to add to this craziness and I think we’d have a pretty fun mode indeed…not a balanced mode by any stretch of the imagination…but fun.


they looked like two dolphins swimming in the air…ripping apart hunters peice by peice lol.


8vs2 could work, and think of all the comp variations. Haha you guys should have alternated the entire match, just come in with full health after they fight the first Wraith.


Wraith speed run. Kill the hunters as fast as possible.


Why does no one play around with this as soon as it happens? Does no one else wonder what it would be like to have two stage 3s?


Wow… how horrifying. Hilariously horrifying.


3:20 forward could legit be a scene from a horror film ahahaha.