And You say nobody Plays this game



Well that number doea include every person whos ever played so…yeah. Altho since yhe price drop on the game i have noticed more new players then usual. An by new i dont mean bad just new players with headsets and that “ill do my best!” attitude. Its bin nice.


This should be in the bugs category as its clear thats what it is.




It sounds like you’re trying to justify a bug saying that over four billion people play or have played Evolve, when we live in a planet populated with a little over seven billion people.

Please tell me that’s not the case.


Not even a little bit.


Sorry. Tou cant type in sarcasm lol


Even if you could, no one would get it.




You do realise that this is more than half of the earth’s population, right? :smiley:


Yes the earth’s population but THAT number also includes the Alien players from the other planets, it was just hidden until yet. You see Evolve is popular all around in the universe(maybe except on earth).


I’m really not following your logic here?


Yes, Sideways, over four billion (on a planet containing upwards of seven billion) people purchased a copy of Evolve. My logic isn’t understandable. Alright.

Do you see how stupid that sounds? You’re smarter than that, Sideways.


Sarcasm and text are not good bedfellows without emoji.






Nooooo. 3 Higher. :smiley: