And THIS is why I love playing Bucket


So my first match this morning turned out to be probably one of the most clutch Bucket plays I’ve had. I got to show why I have the elite skin, even though it’s not that hard to get. Haha.

We were against a rather aggressive Goliath, he had only a small sliver of armor left and 1 health bar with the Health Regen buff, so I knew I had to force him into a fight… Otherwise he’d have a good chunk of health back and Stage 3 by the time my team respawned. Luckily he took the bait.

I was the last one alive but luckily there were still a few Markov mines laying around… I spread out my turrets and hid in the mines and kept pounding away at him to piss him off… He killed off most of Markovs mines with flame breath but my turrets were plinking away at him… He finally got me down, and he had just a sliver of health left. Luckily RIGHT before I died the turrets finished the job and we won.

My turrets did almost 14k damage to him. So even though they don’t look like they’re doing much, they do a LOT of damage if left unchecked. :smile:

Good fight though, whoever that Goliath was!

Can’t wait for release!!!


I am confused. If you were the last one to go down, then the moment you were incapacitated the monster should have won. How did the game keep going long enough for the turrets to win? A bug?


Not sure to be honest, maybe Maggie’s pet was still up, but I know everyone else was dead.

Actually I’m pretty sure that’s the case because he had just killed Maggie before turning his attention to my rockets in his back. xD


I forgot about Daisy.

Good match. I bet that was an awesome feeling.


It was, and it was super close. I just had to force a fight because I knew he’d be a huge pain with Stage 3 and the health Regen buff. And a lot of us had 2 strikes … So it was one of those “now or never” kind of situations. Haha :slight_smile:


That reminds me of a similar experience I had during the Big Alpha. We were fighting a Goliath on the Dam and it came down to a S3 fight. During the fighting, Assault, Medic, and Support (me) all died. Trapper was the only one left, but we made that Goliath pay for every life, reducing him to a sliver of health. The Trapper is freaking out a little bit, as there is no way to escape here, but my teammates and I frantically tell him “There are Bucket turrets at the base of the dam! Just get down there and run around the buildings!” So Trapper takes the advice and leaps down, Goliath hot on the heels. Just as the Trapper touches down and starts to turn and fire, the turrets all turn and orient on the airborne Goliath, firing into the massive beast and killing him. Trapper was lucky not to be crushed by the sudden dead weight falling straight down. :wink:

Bucket can clutch even when dead.


Haha awesome. Yeah Markov can be pretty clutch with his mines after death too if the monster is too aggressive!


Certainly is the best!

And well done for the getting the elite skin, by the way! :smile:


Thanks Slinky! :smiley:


yo slinky bucket is officially the shyt after this beta lol

i took damage buff because bucket doesnt play.

one match 22 minutes 26000 DAMAGE WITH SENTRIES ALONE. 26k that is not a typo!

another match with 1 single encounter (evasive monster but once he was caught stage 2 he went all in. I had 7000 damage. thats pretty much most of his hp in one fight. wheres the assault? wtf was he doin lol.

bucket is god.


My max was 12K sentries and 11K missiles.

Maybe I should try the damage perk if I play again.


Yeah, I usually use the damage perk. Sometimes I’ll use others though depending on the skill of the monster and my team mates.


I think that was me. I remember a Bucket doing the same thing and I died because of those turrets. I wanted to ignore them because I knew they would just give you more time to escape but I wanted to see how far I could push my luck and next thing I know, I’m dying to your turrets. Well played ol’ chap. Well played.


Yeah, definitely a good game and VERY close! :smile:


Aah yes, those turrets -really- sting. But my favourite thing about Bucket are those guided missles. I’ve managed to kill a fleeing Goliath who’d been tracked by my UAV by launching a missle and curling it around a corner. Always grab the damage perk with Bucket, although I’m not entirely sure if that perk extends to the turrets or not.


I’m not sure either. I “think” it does… But regardless, the perk is nice on Bucket as his rocket launcher can do some pretty good damage too.


does the damage perk work on markov and hydes secodnary weapon? this is buckets secondary weapon :slight_smile: it works. you can immediatly tell if you play back to back matches with the perk on or off.