And the games a... Draw? That's a thing?


After a grueling chase on a kraken that just wouldn’t give up on life, we finally pinned in down in a dome… with wildlife.

And while our numbers dwindled, and we all supported the last man standing, we were able to pip out it’s last bit of health for the win!.. Right up until the Tyrant ate out last dude after the down…

DRAW… After the monster died! But still… a draw… When that dropship comes, I hope it lands on the Tyrant ><


Well, neither the monster or the hunters survived so a draw makes sense.

This was already in the game back in beta apparently.


Yea, it’s rare but not impossible. They’ve even had one on the livestream once with Behemoth and Abe.


Yea that’s really cool, I was in a match against Goliath in which we all had varied strikes, he killed medic outright, then downed support, then downed me(trapper) and his health was dwindling down with the Lightning gun and our pistols. Goliath throws the rock as support gets the final pistol shot. The orange thing at the top comes up!

And it’s a draw, most intense game I’ve had


LOL, I feel like there should be an ACHIEVEMENT for something this rare.


You posted a video didn’t you?


It would take forever to grind that achievement XD


I don’t typically do videos, and for some reason my gaming evolved wasn’t available to do the 15 second thing. I honestly thought we won… except we didn’t…


but the hunter never really die they just wake up again in their cloningbays at the dropship


Yep, and monsters just download their consciousness into their next body. They’re actually Cylons…


No I did not, I didnt record it and the compainion app didn’t save the replay, i wish I could hold on to that memory


This is my experience with a draw, this was a long time.


:[ this is saddening


I’ve had that happen twice since the Big Alpha. It’s kind of entertaining to see it happen considering it’s a fairly rare occurrence for me.