And still kraken players everywhere

This one doesn’t matter as much. You basically just have to get one match of that configuration and you’re fine. I haven’t even seen a wraith yet

This isn’t an “OP” thread. You will never see a thread from me staying anything is OP.

This was a thread stating that during the Wraith/Hyde challenge weekend people are not using wraith.

On because of the CC issue. Once they fix that he’s just like the rest.

And I don’t think he’s the only one that stands a chance. I win consistently with Goliath and behemoth. Not sure about wraith though as I don’t play much wraith, not really my play style. And kraken is boring to play as imo

Is it bad that I pick my character based on what will counter kraken every single time?

Lol it’s at that point yes

It’s funny cuz I’m main Kraken but this weekend I’m playing only Wraith. 20 games today (19 wraith 1 behemoth)

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Ok lol my bad! XD

LE kraken shreks everyone

Most people don’t care about the events, they’re just playing what they want.

The pleb monster players will continue to faceroll matches that are impossible to lose as Kraken, real monster players will play something else.