And still kraken players everywhere

So lame. During event krakens still running around


Kraken players don’t care about skins, they care about winning. Sorry Wraithettes.


Pretty much every event thus far.


That’s only because it’s the cheapest win right now.


I played for 3 hours and haven’t fought one wraith yet. And have killed every kraken lmao

I fought two Behemoths, three Krakens, and one Wraith…

At least during the Goliath event, I saw tons of them. Goliath after Goliath during the weekend. But then the Bucket event was more like 3 Krakens to every single Behe, Wraith, or Goliath. This one is looking to be the same. :\

dont worry, i will play a lot of wraith this weekend and i’m a bad wraith… i want the hyde skin :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still getting a mixed bag although I don’t see Behemoth very much. Usually the computer picks Behemoth when it gets a chance, but that’s rare in it of itself.

Mostly I see Wraith and Kraken. I’m thinking I’m seeing Wraith more in my lobbies because there always seem to be someone who thinks they can play the monster better or at least they try to. If they win, then they think they are making a statement of being a better Wraith player, if they lose then they usually quit.

Kraken on the other hand is being played by bad monster players from what I have discovered. I guess they aren’t used to playing the monster role and if they get selected then they might as well use the best one (claimed best), sorta like how people used Wraith just because it was a free win regardless if you played her frequently or not.

I personally don’t think Kraken is that bad, and he really won’t be once they nerf the flight bug and correctly apply CC to his flight.

Killed two yesterday, one in hunt, one in defend. As a monster player I immediately thought we’re gonna be in trouble in this match. But we won, I was dropped in both times as Val.

Elite krakens are fearsome though, different story altogether.

I thought I would play a lot of Hyde cos I NEED that skin (he is one of my favorite characters in game), but your strategy might be better :smiley:

Yeah i gave up, switched to monster and getting to s3 then sit at relay. 8 games in Hydes favour atm.

This will always a problem in competitive games, people don’t play what they think is most fun they play to win and as such there will always be a flavour of the month best pic no matter what balance patches come out.

I prefer to play as the Goliath because of his movement, abilities and sounds, he is a beast in every sense and is the most fun monster for me to play win or loose.

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This is a different type of event completely. Regardless of how many games are played, a skin will be awarded. I wouldn’t worry too much guys.

It’s better to say that those players who only care about winning are using Kraken right now because it’s easier to win with him, exactly like they did with pre-nerf Wraith.

Us true Kraken players are a different thing and will stick with him through the good and bad times :wink:


kraken is the only monster that stands a chance anymore

Well it works both ways, guys! Only that I don’t play to lose, I don’t take a fall on purpose.

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It’s really fun to play, you’re right! I respect players who do this instead of just picking whatever wins. I guess that they are different ways to have fun with the game. But I feel sorry for people who can’t have fun if they don’t win. Or quitters, cheaters, etc. I think it might be people with low self esteem, or immature, dunno…


Well I will be playing a ton of wraith tonight!! Got to get that sexy skin!



I’m going to post this pic every time I see an op thread.

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